Liquid Avatar protects your online identity in cool new ways

Liquid Avatar protects your online identity in cool new ways

As you might be able to tell from the name, the central part of Liquid Avatar is your avatar. This is created from a secure biometric scan of your face, and you can edit it with new skins and more.

Once you have created your avatar, you will be able to create different layers of security. You can set different avatar characters to share different information with different subsets of people. You can access parts of your information to make sure you only share it with the people you want.

There is the presentation layer, which is your avatar. Then there’s the public layer, which all of your contacts have access to. Then there is the private layer, where you can store your important information and the security layer that protects your identity.

Along with biometric analysis, Liquid Avatar is designed to make the most of SSI, or Self Sovereign Identity, architecture, blockchain technology, and Trust Over IP standards. It is designed to remove digital authentication from third parties and unknown servers and put it back in the hands of the individual.

“We want to make online identity authentication as easy and reliable as showing a passport or driver’s license,” said David Lucatch, CEO of Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. “Liquid Avatar will provide users, vendors, governments, e-commerce programs, educators and others the ability to interact easily and effectively while maintaining the safety, security and integrity of data. “

If you want to start protecting your online identity in new, exciting and revolutionary ways, Liquid Avatar is definitely the app you’ve been waiting for. You can download it from the App Store by clicking on here, or from the Google Play Store by clicking on here. It won’t cost you anything to install it and you’ll be a lot safer once you do.

For even more information on Liquid Avatar, click here to view the app official site.

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