Lawnchair 11 Alpha 1 Confirms Support for Android 11, More Features Coming Soon

For Android users, there are tons of third-party launcher apps that give them the freedom to configure the home screen to their liking. Lawnchair is also one of the most popular launcher apps. There are reports that Lawnchair 11 Alpha 1 is now compatible with Android 11.

Lawnchair offers Android users the ability to get a pixel-like experience on their smartphones. And by Pixel-like, we mean it gives the crowded home screen a clean Android-like setup.

Back in February, we reported that the once stagnant Lawnchair team has been revamped and an update is expected soon. Well, the day has arrived. As the new team treats their user base with a Lawnchair 11 Alpha 1 update.

Being an Alpha version, the Lawnchair 11 update is pretty straightforward and there aren’t a lot of options. However, the launcher and features like the At-a-Glance widget, dock search bar, icon pack support, and notification swiping all work fine.

One interesting thing to note is that this version of the launcher i.e. Lawnchair 11 Alpha 1 is only tested to work with Android 11. So using it on older versions is not a good idea at the moment.

Fortunately, the Lawnchair team have confirmed that support for older versions is imminent. Until then, users running older versions of Android should keep their horses.

Lawnchair will soon get new features such as background blur and individual shortcut customization

While the Lawnchair 11 Alpha 1 is already tested on Android 11, new features like background blur, customization of individual shortcuts, etc. are also coming for the third launcher.

Lawnchair is a very popular third party launcher app that gives tough competition to Nova Launcher and Alpha. As for the Lawnchair 11 Alpha 1 update, you may still experience crashes and bugs if you try to side-load the app.

Users can install the latest update of Lawnchair and Lawnfeed 3 side by side with the public version of the app. But keep in mind that the app is not stable and you may experience some bugs.

Some of the issues the Lawnchair developers are aware of are missing app names in the widget drawer and no screen lore in settings.

If you have any issues with Lawnchair 11 Alpha 1 version, you can go to Settings >> Applications >> Default Applications. From there, just switch if things get a little too buggy.

For more information about the latest version, you can go to the official website Telegram string by Lawnchair. Moreover, you can follow the same link to grab the APK of Lawnchair Launcher.

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