Journalist pays for fantasy football failure with Waffle House marathon, ends up going viral

A reporter, fantastic football and a waffle house. All the ingredients for a viral story, of course.

The world was introduced to this combo Thursday afternoon by Lee Sanderlin of the Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Mississippi. He had chosen the day to do penance for finishing last in his league last season. It’s more fun if we let his tweet explain what he had to do:

Yes, that’s an entire calendar day in a waffle house, minus the hours he could wipe out by eating plate-sized waffles.

Let’s just say he hit a wall early.

As Sanderlin’s discomfort increased (one of his Twitter updates was for a late-night trip to the bushes outside the restaurant to, uh, get sick), the crowd online onlookers did the same. Friday morning, the world was watching.

And the commitment to the bit was absolute.

Even one of the waffles jumped on Twitter.

So, was Sanderlin – whose Twitter bio shows Ivy League (Colombia) ties – was he lowest in a league full of sharks? Based on this week 8 lineup, we should say no.

Finally, at 7:37 a.m. ET, Sanderlin completed the challenge. He reached his goal of eating nine waffles and spent 15 hours in the restaurant.

What do you say to Waffle House? Free food for that intrepid fancy reporter / retard once his stomach can take it?

UPDATE: Sanderlin finished the marathon on Friday morning with waffles 8 and 9.

And if you want his published account of the whole ordeal, then Click here.

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