Jets’ Nikolaj Ehlers explains why he shielded Canadiens Jake Evans from scrum after hit

Jets’ Nikolaj Ehlers explains why he shielded Canadiens Jake Evans from scrum after hit

Jake Evans of the Canadiens received a massive blow from Mark Schiefele of the Jets at the end of Montreal’s victory in Game 1 against Winnipeg.

As Evans lay down on the ice helpless after the goal into an empty net and hit the head, a scrimmage broke out right next to him. His teammates were trying to get revenge on Schiefele, but Evans was therefore very close to danger.

AFTER: Canadiens, Jets react to Jake Evans’ ‘dirty and disgusting’ blow

But an unlikely assistant stepped in to make sure Evans was okay. Jets forward Nikolaj Ehlers skated and shielded Evans from the stack next to him.

Why did Ehlers do this? Well, this was to make sure that Evans would avoid any further damage after the big blow he had already taken.

“Obviously, I hope he’s okay. I came back and saw that he didn’t look good. When something like that happens, there’s usually a scrum. So I would try. just to keep everyone away from him, “Ehlers said after the Game.” In a situation like that, you don’t want someone to run into him. I was just trying to keep everyone away.

It was certainly a decent show of sportsmanship on Ehlers’ part, and it’s a gesture that Canadians should appreciate, at least in retrospect.

However, there will certainly be animosity between Montreal and Schiefele. And although Schiefele is suspended, defenseman Joel Edmondson has confirmed that if the Winnipeg forward sees the ice against the Canadiens again, he will suffer the consequences of his hit.

“Yeah, it was a dirty trick, but the league is going to deal with it,” said Edmondson.

“If he comes back on the show, we’re going to make his life miserable, but I think the league is going to do a good job with that.”

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