Ja Morant’s dad tells Donovan Mitchell he supports jazz in heartwarming exchange

Ja Morant’s dad tells Donovan Mitchell he supports jazz in heartwarming exchange

The Grizzlies season may be over, but Tee Morant still has a keen interest in the NBA playoffs.

Grizzlies sophomore star Ja Morant’s father was seen speaking with Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell following Thursday’s 126-110 win for Utah, which saw the team to win the series 4-1 and eliminate Memphis from the playoffs. During the exchange, Morant said he would support the Jazz after the organization reacted to racist and vulgar harassment aimed at him and his wife earlier in the series.

The video, by ESPN’s Tim McMahon:

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“I’m going for you right away. Why? You didn’t have to do that, you didn’t have to show us love like that,” Morant told Mitchell. “That’s what I’m saying. When things go wrong and you reach out, that’s how you bridge the gap. Most people don’t realize it. That’s why I tell you. appreciates and that is why I hope that the Jazz will win the championship.

“Hey, keep killing him, man.”

Mitchell, who had 30 points and 10 assists in Game 5, told ESPN after he viewed Morant’s words as “the ultimate sign of respect.”

“For me, it was just the ultimate sign of respect,” Mitchell said. “You see him talking about how he handled it, how we went about it. For me, that’s exactly the way you approach him. Things are going to be, and you have to show it off. a side of gratitude – closing that gap, as he said.

“The fact that he shoots for us is drugs. We appreciate him. There is just a lot of respect. A cutthroat streak. I feel like Ja and I are going to fight for a long time in our career. It was just the first one, but there’s just a lot of respect all around. “

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Mitchell was one of several people within the Jazz organization who publicly apologized for the racist and vulgar treatment Morant and his wife suffered from Utah fans in Game 2 of the series. These fans were indefinitely forbidden to attend jazz games Therefore.

Morant detailed the altercation to McMahon, saying that while the majority of Utah fans were great, three fans went “beyond the heckling” when speaking with him and his family. He said a fan said something sexually explicit to his wife, Jamie. Another said to him, “I’m going to put a dime on your back and watch you dance, boy.” A third shouted at Jamie, “Shut up, b-.”

The Jazz offered free seats next to the court, travel arrangements and accommodation to the Morant family after the altercation, which Ja Morant’s mother refused.

“She said her anxiety couldn’t take it,” Tee Morant said.

The Jazz, seeded number 1 in the NBA playoffs, will then face the winner of the Mavericks-Clippers series.

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