Instagram Live Rooms lets four people live stream together

Instagram now allows up to four people to live together on its platform. The company on Monday ad Live Rooms where you can invite up to three other people to join you in your Instagram Live session. Previously, only two people could live together on the app.

Instagram hopes that allowing more people to live together “opens up more creative opportunities.” The company claims it would allow users to “start a talk show, host a jam session or co-create with other artists, run more engaging Q&A or tutorials with your followers, or just to spend time with more friends ”.

Instagram’s Live feature has been around since 2016 and it has been used in a number of ways since the pandemic struck. The app allows viewers to purchase badges for their favorite creators to support their creative work. Viewers can also buy their products or donate to fundraisers. With Live Rooms, creators have more visibility and hopefully more opportunities to make money.

Instagram Live Rooms allows up to four people to live together

Almost everything is happening on screens these days. From work meetings to school and college classes, music concerts and more, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way we work, learn and play. Apps like Zoom and Clubhouse, which is a voice chat app, have grown in popularity during the ongoing global health crisis.

Several established companies have also launched their own tools to better facilitate users stranded at home. Twitter has introduced voice tweets and spaces, which is an alternative to the Clubhouse. Likewise, several video calling apps have increased the number of participants so that more people can spend time together or have fun for group learning.

Instagram itself has made live feeds visible on the web so people can watch them on larger screens. It now even allows users to record live streams on IGTV so that they are still visible after 24 hours. The company also extended the maximum duration of a stream to four hours. Previously, it allowed flows of up to an hour.

Live Rooms is another tool designed by Instagram to meet today’s needs. Users can start a Live Rooms session by swiping left and selecting the Live Camera option. There they can enter a title for the session and tap the Rooms icon to add their guests.

Users who have previously requested to go live with you will be displayed at the top. You can also search for other invitees to add. You can add all three guests at a time or one by one. Live Rooms is available to users starting this Monday and will be available worldwide to everyone on Instagram in the coming days.

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