IMDb TV is here for PS4, NVIDIA Shield, TiVo and LG TVs

The IMDb TV streaming app is now available for PlayStation 4, NVIDIA Shield, TiVo Stream 4K, and LG Smart TV. It is according to the new reports arising from an announcement made by parent company IMDb Amazon.

Of course, at least when it comes to LG smart TVs, not everyone will have access to them. The application is available in the application store designed by LG for its televisions. But only for models from 2018 to now. Older sets may or may not get them, but currently are not.

What is IMDb TV and why should you care if it’s on these platforms?

For the uninitiated, From Amazon IMDb TV is a streaming application that leverages the company’s existing trailers, original videos, and other content. In summary, it allows users to watch original content from Amazon Studios such as Top Class. And even movies like Arrival and The Lincoln Lawyer. TV shows, celebrity interviews and much more are also available on the platform. Many of them are free, without connection, as long as the users agree to the ads.

IMDb TV was also recently launched on Roku, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Series X, Android TVs made by Sony, and Chromecast, among other devices. And Amazon also launched IMDb TV via Fire TV’s live channel earlier this month – alongside other extensions. Thus, it can also already be watched via most Fire TVs and streaming devices.

In short, IMDb TV offers a great way to watch content without having to pay for it. And it’s now available on more platforms than ever before, for those who want to give it a try.

Where do you get this from?

As stated above, one way to access IMDb TV is by using LG TVs. This can be found on the TV’s dedicated app store – accessible by pressing the home button on the remote. Or, conversely, users can check it out on PlayStation 4 in PlayStation Store. Or on the Play Store for NVIDIA Shield TV. The application market of TiVo Stream 4K will also have the application.

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