How to sync lighting on ROG Phone 5

RGB lighting has become synonymous with gaming over the years and this has spilled over into the ROG Phone 5. It’s also featured on all versions of the ROG Phone since the ROG Phone became a thing in 2018.

Basically ASUS loves games and loves RGB lighting, so the ROG Phone 5 had to continue this trend by adding functionality in some way, or shape, or form. Whether you love RGB lighting just as much as ASUS or not, the company is committed to making the lighting more than turn on and off and cycle through the colors.

While there are many different lighting effects, one of the coolest things about ROG Phone 5 is the ability to sync the RGB logos on the back. Again, this is something that has been around since the original ROG Phone. Now you can’t do just that with the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate. Not the same way you would with two ROG Phone 5 devices.

And the only reason is that the Ultimate model has a monochromatic ROG Vision display. So while you can sync lighting on ROG Phone 5 Ultimate, you can only do so when the AeroActive Cooler 5 accessory is on the device. The same goes for the ROG Phone 5 Pro.

In this how-to guide, we’ll walk you through setting up the RGB lighting on your ROG Phone 5. Then we’ll walk you through the steps to sync it to another ROG Phone if you want to.

How to sync lighting on ROG Phone 5

Before you can sync your device’s lighting, you need to know where it is. Fortunately, it’s located where you potentially expect it to be. So let’s start there.

Launch the Armory Crate app

Lighting options can be found in the Armory Crate app. So your first order of business is to open that up and scroll down until you find the lighting section.

It should be borne in mind that if you have the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate, and probably the Pro, the light sync feature will only appear if you’ve connected the AeroActive Cooler 5. So slap that bad boy. before going further.

Activate lighting

Now that the fan mount is activated, activate the light toggle to turn on the system light. If you own the standard ROG Phone 5, you obviously won’t need the fan.

Activate the light synchronization function

Just below the system lighting rocker, there is a rocker for synchronization. Once you’ve enabled it, two options will be available. One to create a group and one to join a group. Decide which phone you want to be the group creator or the “host” phone.

Whatever lighting effects you choose, all other phones connected to that group will display those effects.

Scan the QR code on the host phone

ROG Phone 5 Sync lighting

Once the group is created, the host phone will display a screen containing a QR code. You will need to scan this QR code with the camera on any other ROG Phone that you try to sync the lighting with. Scanning should only take a few seconds. You will also only have to do this once.

At any time in the future, if you want to synchronize the lighting again, the name of the host phone will appear in a my devices list of phones joining the group and you can just tap on it.

That’s really all there is to the timing part. But there are still things you can DIY.

ROG Phone 5 synchronized lighting effects

ROG Phone Sync Light 5 1 3

ROG Phone 5 has a nice little selection of RGB effects you can choose from. Eight in total. However, not all of these are available if you turn on in a synchronized fashion. In total, there are four effects in the list for synchronization. This includes the following.

  • Static color: You choose a single color and both phones will display it.
  • Breathing: Both phones will display the same color, while slowly fading away, as if he’s actually breathing.
  • Strobe: The selected color will flash. The blinking also occurs at a faster rate than the fade in and out of the breathing option.
  • Color cycle: Fairly self-explanatory here. This runs through all the possible colors in a fluid movement.

ROG Phone 5 unsynchronized lighting effects

ROG Phone Sync Light 5 2 3

As stated above, there are four other lighting effects besides those already mentioned. In addition, the ones mentioned above also have more settings when they are in their unsynchronized mode. Like the brightness and speed of the effect. Which cannot be adjusted when syncing.

The four additional lighting effects that you can only use when not in sync with another device are:

  • Comet: Lighting colors move quickly from right to left or left to right. You can select the color and brightness on it, but not the speed of the effect.
  • Flash and Dash: This effect is very similar to Comet, but it changes things up by quickly changing colors twice in a row. There are also two cycles of this. Hence the name Flash and Dash, because the “flash” is the first cycle and the “dash” is the second cycle.
  • Mixed lights: With this effect, you can choose two different colors and the logo will be mixed. You can also choose which side each color is on and add a side effect to it like synchronized breathing or asynchronous breathing. Synchronized breathing looks exactly like normal breathing. However, asynchronous breathing changes things by alternating breathing between the two colors. Finally, there is mono breathing, where one of the colors remains static at all times, and the second color inhales and exhales.
  • Rainbow: This is the last lighting effect and most closely resembles the Color Cycle effect. The main difference is that as the colors cycle through you will have multiple colors on the logo at a time before it changes to a new set of colors. Like a rainbow.

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