How to opt out of Sony PS5 arbitration

It is possible to deactivate the PS5 DualSense arbitrage if you feel so inclined to do it. Why would you want to? You can therefore legally participate in future class actions against Sony for any possible issues.

Like the drift of the PS5 DualSense analog stick, people have known it since last fall when the new console was launched. In case you missed the whole situation, Sony is sued in a DualSense drift class action lawsuit. By agreeing to Sony’s PSN Terms of Service, you are essentially agreeing to arbitration for any future class action lawsuits. Which means you can’t participate.

But as stated above, it is possible to opt out of arbitration for the How the PS5 DualSense works. This would allow you to participate in the class action. Here’s how to do it step by step. Also for clarification, the opt-out will apply to any future class action lawsuits that may arise. Not just the one on drift issues.

How to opt out of PS5 arbitration

Before we get into the how, it’s important to know a few key details about the situation. First, the problem with the controllers is called “drift”. This causes the movement that the throttles normally control to trigger even though the throttles are not physically moved at all.

This results in movement of characters and other elements in the game when they are not intended. Which can obviously cause other big issues when playing games and thus ruin the experience.

Second, the law firm handling this class action lawsuit is Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP. The same law firm behind the Joy-Con drift class action lawsuit. Now for the steps on how to unsubscribe.

Go to the official deactivation webpage

You can start this process by heading to a dedicated web page that has been configured for manual deactivation. And in doing so, you will find a brief description of the lawsuit and arbitration, as well as some steps on how to proceed.

Visually, this is what those steps will look like.

Click on the model link

On the opt-out page, there will be a link for the opt-out template that has been put in place to help those who wish to opt out of arbitration manually to make things a bit easier.

Loading this page will simply bring up the model. And at first you won’t be able to do anything with it.

Click it Fill out a copy button in the upper right corner

There will be two small blue buttons in the upper right corner of the page. One is “connect” and the other is “fill out a copy”. Which button do you want to press.

This will turn the form template into a form that you can actually edit so that you can fill it out for submission as part of manual deactivation.

Log in to modify the document template

Sony PS5 Arbitration 2

Then you will need to log in to edit the document template. You can do this by logging into Google which is much easier. But if you’d rather not link your Google account to this and have a different email, you can also sign in via email.

Choose accordingly. After singing, you will be taken back to the document.

To select Fill out a copy again

You will need to press this button once more to complete the form. There will also be a small checkbox as soon as you click fill out a copy the second time under copy type that you will need to verify. It should be on filling out a copy by default. If not, click that copy type option.

You will need to agree to use electronic records and signatures

Sony PS5 Arbitration 4

It’s pretty self-explanatory, because you can’t really move forward without doing it. But you will have to agree to use the electronic records and signatures that we mentioned just above, and click the button let’s do this button.

From here you can enter all your information into the form and then go to the last step.

Fill in the required information

Sony PS5 Arbitration 1

Since you are logged in, this time you can fill in all the required information. This includes things like your full name, address, PSN ID, your PS5 console serial number, and your signature. This will all be entered electronically, so it should be fairly easy to complete.

Finalize the document by confirming the information

Once you have filled everything out, make sure everything is correct and that there are no mistakes. Then click on the finalize the document and that will complete the process.

Then you can print the document or save the document for your own records. What you absolutely must do. And this is it. Completed.

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