How to create a restaurant or table reservation application with iCoderz Solutions?

How to create a restaurant or table reservation application with iCoderz Solutions? Invest in the restaurant business is more and more common. We have seen more and more restaurants open in recent years and the reasons are obvious. Startups want to invest in the food industry, believing that it has the maximum return to provide in terms of profit.

Many people even think of the food industry as the cash industry; here, the arrival of cash is daily. Growing demand to eat outside of food, busy lifestyles and the growing importance of restaurants in our lives motivate startup owners to invest in restaurant building, restaurant booking app or app. food delivery.

Create a table reservation application with iCoderz Solutions

There are different types of apps that can be built for a restaurant to help the restaurant with more sales and customers. Food delivery application development, table reservation application development, point of sale development and restaurant reservation application development are the main application development services offered by iCoderz Solutions for help restaurants increase their sales both online and for restaurant purposes.

To create a restaurant reservation application, the food delivery app development company like us, let’s build a versatile food delivery app that also provides customers with catering service. You wonder how?

A food delivery app has three main apps:

  1. Client application
  2. Restaurant owner app
  3. Pilot application

Here, the client app is the king of all apps. When we create custom apps for your food delivery or restaurant, we include the following features to make the app more functional.

  • Customer profile management
  • Browse the restaurant
  • Browse the menu
  • Browse categories
  • Define the place of delivery
  • Search articles / restaurants
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Customize food delivery order
  • Special instructions
  • Choose the type of delivery
  • Payment methods
  • Repeat order
  • Cancel the order
  • Order history
  • Exam and grades
  • Address change
  • Apply a discount / offer
  • Book a restaurant table
  • 24/7 live customer support

Book restaurant table function with food delivery customer app

Many of us are aware of reserving a restaurant table by making an initial call to the restaurant manager. Most have always preferred to reserve tables in advance at family lunch, family dinner or festivals. No one wants to queue in front of their guests. In fact, waiting outside the restaurant until the table is empty is quite embarrassing on your special day.

Likewise, the development of food delivery applications includes the restaurant reservation application functionality that allows the customer to reserve a table in advance. Using the function, the customer must enter the correct data, time and multiple people to reserve the table.

Once the customer sends a request from the app to reserve the catering table with the restaurant, the restaurant manager’s app receives a notification with the same. The restaurant manager application is designed in such a way that it can accept or reject the table reservation request.

Upon receipt, the client application receives a confirmation message or push notification explaining that the table for the mentioned date and time is confirmed.

The extra restaurant table reservation feature is all the rage these days with favorite food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy. The feature was added recently to ensure that during the pandemic, families reserve their tables in advance to avoid waiting outside the restaurant.

In addition, restaurants now operate less efficiently. It also helps restaurants ensure the number of tables reserved at any given time. During a pandemic situation, it is essential that your food delivery app include restaurant reservation app functionality.

Cost of developing the table reservation application with iCoderz Solutions

When you want to design and develop restaurant booking app like Zomato and Swiggy, you can schedule a call with us and be recognized with food delivery app development demo to understand the features and items.

Developing a full-fledged restaurant booking app would cost around $ 5,000 to $ 15,000 depending on machine learning features and other essentials including UI / UX. But yes, with ICoderz solutions customers are given two options for the food delivery application development service.

  • Development of personalized table reservation applications
  • Readymade table reservation application solution

Customers who want to save a one-time investment cost for food delivery app development can choose the out-of-the-box table booking app solution based on monthly rental fee. Here, customers can pay a monthly rental to iCoderz Solutions to use the ready-to-use food delivery app solution.

All essential and advanced features are included in the version of the monthly ready-to-use solution developed by iCoderz. For the same, you can even check out a demo of our app in the video.

To finish!

The restaurant industry is booming. If you want to invest in the development of restaurant reservation apps, then you need to make sure that your restaurant is primarily focused on food delivery service. Only the restaurant reservation request will not help gain a clientele; it must provide food delivery as a front-end service.

Our business consultant will help you understand pricing and hire the developer model during the online consultation. To reserve one, click here. We are two steps away.

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