How to connect your Xbox Series X controller to multiple devices

The Xbox Series X The controller is a pretty versatile little piece of tech. On the outside, it looks pretty much the same as the old Xbox One wireless controller. Save for a few key design changes. Like the share button and the new textured feel on the back of the trigger and bumper buttons.

Inside, the controller is more different than you might think. New features that are not possible on older models. Specifically, the ability to connect your controller to multiple devices and switch between them seamlessly.

While it has always been possible to pair the Xbox One controller with multiple devices, it’s the seamless move to those paired devices that’s new and fresh here. And it’s easier to use this feature than you might think.

How to connect your Xbox Series X controller to multiple devices

When you first set up Xbox Series X, it will walk you through the steps of connecting the controller to the console. But that doesn’t require you to connect it to other devices. You will need to pair the controller manually for this.

How to pair your Xbox Series X controller with additional devices

Once you’ve set up the controller with your console, try pairing it with other devices like your Android smartphone or Windows 10 PC.

To do this, start by holding the sync button on the controller. Which can be found on the top next to the USB-C port. You will need to hold it down for about three seconds to put it into pairing mode. From there, you just need to head to the add device Bluetooth menu section of your phone or PC.

Click or tap Add a new device and it should find the Xbox Series X controller without problem.

How to switch between devices

Xbox Series X 2 Controller

Once you’ve paired the controller with each device you want to use it on, switching is really pretty easy. And you won’t have to pair it again. Unless you tell your device to forget about the controller. Then, of course, you’ll need another pair.

To switch from the console to your phone or PC, simply hold down the sync button again. This time for about two seconds.

Suppose you are playing on your console and then want to play this game on your phone using the cloud play feature of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Just press and hold the sync button for two seconds and it will now be connected to your phone.

When you want to play on your console again, just press and hold the sync button again for two more seconds and it will come back. You can only actively pair it with two devices at a time. So you won’t have to worry about going back and forth between several different devices to find the right one.

You can however pair it with more than two devices. It’s just not going to switch between more than two at a time. You can also use the sync button to connect it to an already paired secondary device without activating the console. It works the same as switching from the console, just without turning on the Xbox first.

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