How to Change ROG Vision Image on ROG Phone 5

How to Change ROG Vision Image on ROG Phone 5

The ROG Vision display on the back of ROG Phone 5 Pro and ROG Phone 5 Ultimate is a cool little way to personalize things. And there are plenty of ways you can make it your own and show your passion for the game.

Whether you’re a solo gamer, someone who enjoys playing with friends, or on an esports team, ROG Phone 5’s Vision display offers a method for stamping a number of things on the back of your camera. phone.

If you are planning to buy one of the ROG Phone 5 devices equipped with ROG Vision, switching things up is super easy to do and fun to explore. Simply because there are so many options. This little, how-to guide can easily walk you through the steps of modifying the ROG Vision display. And from there, the possibilities of what you put on it are limited only by your imagination.

How to change the display of ROG Vision on ROG Phone 5

Editing an artwork or ROG Vision image can be done in just a few steps. The process may take a bit longer depending on the option you select. And the more you want to customize things, technically, the more steps you will have.

That said, the process begins in one place for all of ROG Vision’s different options.

Launch the Armory Crate app

ROG Phone 5 ROG Vision 4

To kick things off, you need to launch the Armory Crate app on the device. If you don’t change the home screen icons, especially the apps that are in the dock, Armory Crate will be the app in the middle of the dock.

Open it where you’ll find tabs at the bottom for your games library, console, login, featured, and my profile. These tabs will be at the top if you have the phone in landscape mode.

Tap the console tab

Next, you’ll need to tap the tab on the console, which houses a lot of game-related customization features. From lighting to different performance modes depending on how the device is used. For example, X mode is usually the preferred mode if you plan to play a lot of games while in use.

On those days when you might not have a lot of time to play games, you might just want the battery to last longer. In this case, you will choose the Ultra Durable mode. For now, don’t worry about the modes.

Once the console tab loads, which should be immediate, scroll down and find the settings for the ROG Vision feature. This should be the second toggle, under the mode options.

Activate ROG Vision

ROG Phone 5 ROG Vision

First, activate the ROG Vision feature by tapping the toggle. Next, tap on the ROG Vision card and you will be taken to the ROG Vision menu where all the different options are to choose what you want to display on the ROG Vision screen.

As noted in our review of the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate, there are a number of ROG Vision options preinstalled. Including external accessory, X mode, screen on, charging, games and incoming call.

Each of these will also have a few different animations within them. So scroll down to find the one you like.

Find an animation you like and hit Apply

ROG Phone 5 ROG Vision 3

Once you have chosen an animation, just hit the Apply button below that animation and it will select that particular animation for the ROG Vision display. This will be displayed on the screen as long as the screen is on and the phone is unlocked. The moment you lock the screen and the front screen goes to sleep, the ROG Vision screen turns off.

Unless the charging animation is applied and the phone is actually charging.

Create your own ROG Vision animation

Another really cool detail of this feature is creating your own ROG Vision animation. If you just want something unique to display on the back of your phone, this is a good way to do it.

It also works as a way to allow esports teams to put their logo on the back of the phone during competitions. Should they do it?

To create your own ROG Vision animation, tap one of the main categories, such as activated screen. From there, tap on the “+” symbol located in the upper right corner of the user interface.

Once you have made a pop-up card will appear stating Create a new ROG Vision. There will be three options here for the type of vision you can create. These include image effects, text effects, and signature.

If you want a cool piece of art, a logo, or an image that you took as animation, select the image. You can then select the section of the image you want to display, and then even filter it from a selection of different options.

When done, hit the play button and it will create the vision and apply it to the rear screen. You can also save it if you just want to create it but not apply it. If you create a text or signature vision, you will be able to type in something and choose from an entirely different set of filters that are best suited for text. Like a team name or your own player tag.

Besides changing the actual text and the filter, you can also change the font, as well as the color. Then, once you have what you want, hit the play button or save the vision for later.

Downloading / sharing ROG Visions with other users

ROG Phone 5 ROG Vision 5

If you don’t want to make your own, you can download ROG visions created by other users. Think of it as a cool way to share some unique animations that you might not have invented on your own.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really a convenient way to find downloadable ROG visions. You just need to go to the login tab and scroll through the ROG community group looking for some that others have shared. Then click the download button in that post to download ROG Vision.

This is also the place you will go if you want to create a post that shares your own with other users. In this login section, you can also interact with other users in the community, like their posts, and comment on the posts. Kind of like a forum.

And that’s basically it! Change your ROG Vision to your ROG Phone 5 Pro or ROG Phone 5 Ultimate as many as you want and see if you can come up with some cool designs and see what others may have come up with.

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