How to activate game mode in the beta version of Android 12

How to activate game mode in the beta version of Android 12

Back in the Android 12 Developer Preview, a new Game mode has been discovered and it appears to be accessible in the beta as well. Since the beta is a public version of Android 12 software, that means you can check it for yourself if you install the software.

And if you love your mobile games, you might want to do just that. Android 12’s beta game mode is no different than the version found in the developer preview. However, there is a difference. You can activate it here.

If you are using the beta version of Android 12 and want to enable the game mode feature, this how-to guide will walk you through how to enable it. It doesn’t take too much time to activate the feature at all and once you know where it is, you can turn it on and off as you like.

How to activate game mode in the beta version of Android 12

First of all, you need to activate the beta version. You can do this by following this guide here. You also need to make sure that your device is beta compatible, otherwise you won’t be able to install it. While Google sends the software through a live update.

Once the beta is installed, there are a few menus to navigate to access the game mode functionality. As Google didn’t make it a central part of the beta. However, this will most likely happen once the software is finalized and rolled out to all users in a stable release. With that said, go ahead and take the first step.

Open the settings menu on your device

Android 12 Beta Game Mode 4

Once you have installed the beta version of Android 12, you can find the game mode starting with the settings menu. As noted above, you probably won’t have to go to settings to enable it in the stable release. But for now, this is where Google has hidden it.

Find the Digital Wellbeing menu

Android 12 Beta Game Mode 3

Scroll through the settings menu list to find Digital Wellbeing. If you are not familiar with this submenu, this is where you will find the settings to limit screen time and set schedules. In addition to checking the time you spent using the device. Google also breaks everything down by app. You can therefore have a more detailed overview of your use.

It’ll even show you things like how many times you’ve unlocked the device and how many notifications you’ve received. Things are also interrupted by day.

Tap Do not disturb

Android 12 Beta Game Mode 1

Towards the bottom of the digital wellness screen there is a menu for Do not disturb The settings. Tap that menu and inside you’ll find a list of people you allow to interrupt when do not disturb is active, as well as apps and alarms that can do the same. There are also options for schedules, a duration for quick settings, and display options for hidden notifications.

Schedules is the option you want. So press this menu next.

Check the Game Mode box

Android 12 Beta Game Mode 2

From there, all you need to do is check the box for Game Mode. This will ensure that it is on whenever you turn on Do Not Disturb Mode. Then when you open games, you can have the floating menu with the game mode options available. However, you will need to enable these options first. And unless you still want the floating menu to be present, you will have to turn these options on and off whenever you want to use the floating menu.

Activate your chosen game mode options

To bring up the floating menu, you need to press the settings cog next to the Game mode programming area. In this Game mode settings menu, you can activate the various options. You have an FPS monitor, a quick-access screenshot button, screen recording, and finally a button to turn Do Not Disturb on and off.

These are, however, only the floating menu options. You will find two more buttons in this menu. One for game optimization and one for YouTube Live. Optimization of the game still does not appear to be online. So there is no change from the developer preview as it wasn’t live either.

It is also possible that it is simply not usable for League Of Legends Wild Rift, as he says not available for this game when I open the menu with the game open in the background.

Floating menu aligns to left or right side

One more thing to note is that you can move the floating menu around. But, it only snaps the left or right edges of the screen. It doesn’t matter if you are in landscape or portrait mode.

And that’s all it takes to enable Game Mode on your device with the beta of Android 12. Google is likely to flesh this out a bit more as it gets closer to the full release of Android 12. Android 12, so if that’s a feature you’re excited about, keep an eye out for it.

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