How does an on-demand taxi booking application work?

How does an on-demand taxi booking application work?

Ridesharing apps like Uber and Ola have revolutionized the way we hire cab or cab services. How many of us can still witness the taxi booking experience for renting a taxi by asking the driver for the drop-off location? Taxi booking apps are the future of ridesharing services, where you have to hire a taxi by tapping the pick-up and drop-off location on your smartphone.

What is a taxi booking application?

A taxi booking application is a smartphone application that allows passengers to book a taxi online using an internet connection and an application interface. Here there are a total of two apps which are developed for a successful taxi booking service. The first application is an application for the driver and the other is an application for the passengers. Taxi booking apps like Uber and Ola also have the same interface to provide passengers with an easy carpooling experience.

In short, a taxi booking application is an online smartphone application for booking instant trips online. The app is specifically designed to help the passenger capture every detail of the journey so drivers can understand drop-off location, type of journey and more. From taxi booking to car rental, everything is managed in the app.

How does an on-demand taxi booking app like Uber work?

The development of a taxi booking application is a process where the taxi booking application development company helps you design and develop an uber-style taxi booking application. Here the app development includes the app design which has all the essential features to help the passengers to book an easy and fast ride using the taxi booking app.

If you are a private taxi hire business, you should understand that these apps help you get more business as passengers can ride your taxi by booking it ahead or in advance. Taxi booking apps like Uber are renowned the world over for offering passengers the luxury of having their cabs ready well in advance.

This is precisely how it works!

The development of a taxi booking app is an important solution which includes a taxi owner administration panel, a driver app and a passenger app. The solution is designed so that the three applications are synchronized to provide a successful carpooling result.

Let’s start with the features of the customer / passenger application:

Firstly, what makes a taxi booking app work successfully are the features that were built into during the development of the solution. The taxi booking application development company manages to design the following customer application features to help the function of the taxi booking application.

1. Find a cabin

The first important feature of a ridesharing app is “find a taxi”. Here the client app will get the option to search for a cabin after successfully connecting to the app. Using this feature, the customer can search for taxis nearby and ask the driver to accept the ride.

2. Confirm the route

Before sending the ride request to the driver, the customer app will get full details of the return time and estimated cost of the ride. Therefore, after confirming all the points, the customer can click on “ confirm ride ” to ask the driver to choose the passenger at the place.

3. Trip arrival notification

Once the driver accepts the ride request, the app will reflect the driver’s details and distance. Later, when the driver arrives at the pickup location, the app will share a ride arrival notification to the smartphone. It also contains details like name, picture, car details and driver’s phone number. This is one of the essential features to consider during the development process of the taxi booking app.

4. Add a destination during the trip

During the trip, the passenger wants to change the drop-off destination or add other destinations in the middle of the trip. Using the add destination or edit destination feature, the passenger can edit the drop off details during the journey. It later informs the driver and helps with the latest drop location details on the app.

5. Pay online

The taxi booking app development company will help your app with third-party payment integrations and assistance to enable passengers to pay for taxi service online. Online payment is an essential feature to enable passengers to pay through different online methods, especially when the passenger is strapped for cash or avoids the exchange of cash.

6. Race reviews

Finally, the carpooling experience plays an important role in the driver’s assessment. Several times the passenger checks the driving rating before getting into the cabin. Taxi booking apps like Uber and Ola have a similar functionality that allows the passenger to check driver reviews by reading real-time ratings of previous passengers.

Other characteristics

Separated from client application features, there are features of the driver app which also play a major role in the operation of the ridesharing app like Uber. The features of the driver application are:

  • Integrated GPS navigation
  • Accept the ride
  • Cancel the trip
  • Driver’s dashboard
  • Receive payment notifications

Would you like to build a taxi booking app like Uber?

Uber and Ola have transformed the way we travel short and long daily commutes. If you want to build taxi booking apps like Uber and Ola, you need to consult a reputable taxi booking app development company.

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