Hotkey Chart Update Brings Donut Charts and More

Hotkey Chart Update Brings Donut Charts and More

And the app just got a big update to version 1.4 to add a number of new features.

You will definitely notice a revamped user interface on the iPhone and iPad. The edit is designed to make it easier to find tutorials, examples, descriptions of actions, and settings.

Speaking of tutorials, the app added 11 new videos with instructions and how to create shortcuts. They range from beginner to advanced.

And with a new kind of donut chart, you can use the app to track different kinds of data.

The app has also improved its home screen widgets. You can now change the default colors of the widget and then mix them on the background of your phone. With the custom widget typing actions, you can call up shortcuts or open different apps.

Charty for Shortcuts is designed for iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now from the Free App Store.

The free versions support five shortcut actions: New Chart, Add Series to Chart, Chart Style, Remove Chart, and Get Info From All Charts.

You can unlock additional features with an in-app purchase of $ 4.99. This unlocks 17 more shortcut actions, series style and customization, axis style and label customizations, custom themes, and more.

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