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[New Features] –One user interface 3
Built-in Task Changer features for better visual interaction (VI).

※ Task Changer starts with the prepared type (Grid / List / Stack).
We have advanced the original calendar to March and provide the completed function.
We’ll open up the rest via the app update at the end of March. Thank you 🙂

– Support for 3 user interface
– Fix One UI Home F / C in the tablet
※ B&R feature will only be supported after the next One UI Home update, so please wait until then

[New Features] – Since One UI 2.5
Share Manager is now available. Use Share Manager to comfortably organize the sharing window.
You can put the apps you use often at the front of the share window and hide the features and apps you don’t need. You can hide items such as shared data information, close sharing, and direct sharing and only show the apps you want in the share window.

– Hiding shared data information / Nearby sharing / Direct sharing: you can hide these items in the sharing window.
– Direct sharing bookmark: you can show, hide or change the location of direct sharing contacts.
– Choose applications to share: manage the shared applications displayed in the sharing window.

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