Hiding Instagram likes could lead to better content

Hiding Instagram likes could lead to better content

According to The edge, Instagram is testing to give more control over how users see the number of similar posts. Hiding the account like Instagram has been a priority lately as some people think hiding likes is a good thing. While others believe it will hurt those who make money on the platform.

The social media platform is releasing a “Little Global Test” that will allow users to control their similar count visibility with three options. These options are to not see the similar account on anyone’s posts, disable them for their own posts, or keep the original experience.

The company is apparently working on a similar idea for Facebook as well. However, he did not say or give any clarification on this matter. This is not the first time that Instagram played with this idea. Instagram ran a test before where the audience count was hidden from some users around the world.

At the time, Instagram said it wanted users to “focus on the photos and videos you share, not the number of likes they get.” At first, influencers were afraid of how this impact treats brands, given that their engagement rates weren’t public.

The idea of ​​hiding Instagram as an account is nothing new

However, influencers can still see their numbers privately on their dashboards. As a result, they can always share these numbers with any brans who want to collaborate with them. Instagram giving users more control over their experience is a good thing, however.

Some people are absolutely in love with getting as many likes as possible. It can affect the overall quality of photos and videos. It can even make some users suffer mentally or emotionally. On the other hand, some users might not care. As a result, they are probably okay with not being able to see the similar number.

Facebook has already done something similar. In 2019, the company also sought to hide from the public like an earl. During the test, the audience’s likes, reactions and the number of views of the video were masked. The new test can apply to all previous metrics or just the similar number.

Facebook has yet to do its live test. However, Facebook says it will learn from this new test and “will have more to share soon.” Hiding the Instagram account could certainly help the platform focus more on the content.

Some users will create something fake or not as authentic just to get likes. Hopefully, with Instagram’s shift in focus from likes to good content, creators will be prompted to do the same.

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