Here are your PlayStation Plus games for March 2021

Sony officially announced the Playstation plus games for March 2021, and since it’s March 2 already and it’s a Tuesday, that means this month’s new PlayStation Plus games are ready to be claimed and installed on your console. And my boy, does this month’s pick include a doozy.

If you haven’t claimed the February titles, unfortunately you no longer have the option and will have to purchase them. Record for a title. But don’t worry, because they’ll likely end up on sale at some point as well. They still do. As for March, from today PS5 owners will receive their very second official PS5 game for free as part of PS Plus. Model.

While it’s not Demon’s Souls, it’s still a PS5 game. So that makes it a hallmark of the PS5 lifecycle and PlayStation Plus history.

PlayStation Plus lineup for March includes Final Fantasy VII Remake

This isn’t the first time that a great AAA game has caught on in programming. But it’s a big deal no matter how you look at it. Because one of the four games that PS Plus subscribers will be getting this month is Final Fantasy VII Remake. One of the biggest and most popular games of 2020.

In total, there are four titles to claim for the month of March. FF VII Remake just happens to be the main one. If you didn’t have the chance to play it when it launched last year, now is your chance to experience the reimagining of one of the most iconic video games of all time. Decades ago, the original Final Fantasy VII defined a generation. And Final Fantasy VII Remake brings all that magic and nostalgia to the surface.

The only thing to keep in mind is that if you claim this free version of Final Fantasy VII Remake, you will not get the free PS5 game update that came with Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade – the new upcoming episode. in June which includes Yuffie Kisaragi.

Instead, you will need to purchase this expansion. At this point, you will also get the PS5 update.

Don’t miss the other three games

In addition to Final Fantasy VII Remake, PS Plus members also get three other games. This includes a title for PS VR, which is Farpoint, as well as Maquette which was mentioned above, another PS5 title and Remnant: From The Ashes, a popular title from Soulslike that has received a lot of praise for its different use. of the Mechanical Soulslike genre.

Sony is also graciously giving subscribers an extra month to pick up Destruction All-Stars for free. Launched last month for the service, it will now leave in April when another new crop of free titles becomes available.

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