Hawks’ Clint Capela destroys Knicks ahead of Game 5: ‘We’ll send you on vacation’

Hawks’ Clint Capela destroys Knicks ahead of Game 5: ‘We’ll send you on vacation’

The Knicks are set to be eliminated from the NBA playoffs and the Hawks look set to finish them off.

As the series returns to New York, Atlanta, the No. 5 seed in the Eastern Conference, holds a 3-1 advantage in the series. The Hawks just need to win one more game to advance to face the series winner 76ers vs. Wizards.

And Hawks center Clint Capela is confident Atlanta can do the job.

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Why is that? Well, as Capela detailed, the Hawks managed to match the physical and confident demeanor of the Knicks, and that’s part of the reason they were able to win both games on their home turf.

“We showed them when they got back here that we can push guys too,” Capela said of the Hawks’ performance in Atlanta. “We can talk about… also and win with that, so what are you going to do about it? And we can win with that, so what are you going to do?”

Certainly the Hawks – and Trae Young, in particular – have shown a willingness be the bad guy in New York’s first playoff series since 2013.

Young’s silence on the Madison Square Garden crowd in Game 1 drew a lot of attention, and he seemed to enjoy hearing a bunch of “FU” chants from the crowd. And as the series progressed, their offense played better and found ways to beat the best defense in the NBA.

That’s part of why the Hawks beat the Knicks by 11 and 17 points in both contests. They got well-balanced offensive efforts from their team against the solid defense of the Knicks.

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And as Capela said, the Hawks are playing with good physique, which helps them against the strong and long Knicks.

“We can be physical, but we can also win games,” Capela said. “Now we come to your place to win this game again. We will send you on vacation.”

If Capela and the Hawks sent the Knicks home, it would be a disappointing end to a surprisingly good season for the team coached by Tom Thibodeau.

Meanwhile, it would also be a great achievement for Atlanta coach Nate McMillan, who has won just one career playoff series as a coach on nine occasions. His only series victory came in the 2005 playoffs while he was with the Supersonics.

Whatever the outcome, expect another physical and fierce battle between the Hawks and Knicks to take place at MSG on Wednesday night. Soon we’ll see if Capela’s trust is justified.

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