Google Play Store overhaul unnecessarily complicates matters

Google Play Store overhaul unnecessarily complicates matters

It seems that Google the redesign is not complete the Play Store. As most of you know, the company recently cleared of the hamburger menu, and moved most of its content to the account selector in the upper right corner. Well, in a new move to overhaul the Play Store, Google is unnecessarily complicating matters.

This new change makes it harder to access the full list of installed and recently updated apps. Making things simpler and easier to access is usually a good thing, quite the opposite.

Before we go into details, note that this design was already rolled out to some users last year, but the change was quickly reversed. It looks like Google has been working on this for some time.

New Google Play Store overhaul appears to be rolling out and unnecessarily complicates matters

Now, according to the images shared on Reddit, things will change with this design. Usually when you open the “My apps & games” section of the Play Store. You will see your pending updates and the most recently updated apps in the very first tab.

Needless to say, this makes things easily accessible, and no one has complained about this setup. Well, Google will change it anyway, it seems. Based on the images provided, the “Manage apps and device” section will replace the aforementioned menu.

This new menu will remove most of the tabs from the old one, including Updates, Installed, Library, Share, and Beta. It will only offer you two sections, as you can see below. These sections are “Overview” and “Manage”.

Google Play Store Manage app device redesign
old vs new

The “Overview” page won’t be exactly as useful as it should be. It will only show you stats about Play Protect, storage used, your ratings and reviews, and app sharing options.

We hope your recently updated apps will be accessible through one of the menus provided.

When it comes to app updates, this menu will just tell you “All apps are up to date”, if they are. Otherwise, available updates will appear here. The recently updated apps are nowhere in sight, hopefully they will be accessible through the “Manage” section or the “View details” section in the “Overview” menu.

You can also check out the “Pending Downloads” menu in the image below. We don’t know where it will be accessed from, but it’s either from the “Manage” or “View Details” options.

Redesign of the Google Play Store awaiting downloads

We don’t know when this update will reach all users, but given that this is the second time Google has rolled out it, it’s probably for everyone. We haven’t received it yet.

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