Google play store allows users to share apps and updates using nearby sharing

Google The nearby sharing feature has been around since August 2020. The main idea behind this feature is to make it easier to share files between two devices. The good news is that now, using nearby sharing, users can share apps and updates from the Google Play Store.

Nearby sharing lets you share contacts and more with loved ones Android devices or Chrome. Now that this feature is available on Google Play Store, users can share apps with nearby Android devices.

The report of 9to5Google mentions that this feature will work on the Google Play Store app version 24.0 or newer. FYI, the folks at 9To5Google spotted this nearby sharing feature on Google Play Store in an APK article.

APK Insight helps spot new features developers (Google in our case) may or may not publish for their applications. Fortunately, Google found this feature useful for users and therefore put it live for the Play Store.

Well, if you want to know how to share your apps and updates from Google Play Store using Share Nearby, then you need to make sure you have the latest version or version 24.0 from the Play Store installed on your Android device.

Once you are done with the above, open Play Store and tap on the three-line menu button located in the top left corner. Now tap on the “My apps & games” section.

Under My Apps & Games, a “Share” tab will be visible after updating the Play Store to the latest version

In the “My Apps & Games” section, you will see a horizontal tab section that displays multiple tabs. A new “Share” tab will be visible. If you don’t see the “Share” tab, you should probably wait a few minutes. As Play Store takes a while to activate this feature.

Now in the “Share” tab, you will have two options, to let your device “Send” or “Receive” a particular Play Store application. However, note that you must grant location access to the Play Store to use any of the features.

Do not worry. Location access is used to determine which devices are available for sharing nearby. If you select the “Send” option, it will present you with the list of applications ready to be sent. Keep in mind that not all apps are available for sharing through Nearby Sharing.

For example, the Stadia app was not available for sharing. Likewise, side-loading apps, apps purchased by you, not available on the play store, cannot be shared using nearby sharing.

Once the apps you want to send have been chosen, your device will search for the receiving device. The recipient must press the “Receive” button to be recognized by the sender’s device.

A pairing request will be sent to the recipient where both devices will receive a pairing code. This is done to ensure that no one has hijacked your session.

Once the download is complete, the recipient should press the “Install” button for each app or “Install All” for all apps. As long as you do not press the “Disconnect” button, the two devices will remain connected.

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