Google Play Movies & TV to Stop for Roku and Select Smart TVs

Google Play Movies & TV to Stop for Roku and Select Smart TVs

Google is renaming its TV and movie streaming service, Google Play Movies & TV. It replaces it with Google TV. According to 9to5Google, Google cancels the app on Roku and selects smart TVs.

The deadline for Play Movies & TV will be June 15 for Roku and certain brands of smart TVs

Google recently said it was pulling back its Play Movies & TV app for Roku and for smart TV brands Samsung, LG, and Visio. The deadline will be June 15th. Google has not indicated whether it will cancel the app for other platforms or devices.

It is not certain that Google will remove the app from other platforms in the future or simply rename it. In addition to the Smart TV brands, Google will also remove the app from LG Netcast and LG SimpleSmart devices.

Google will transfer these platforms to YouTube TV

When the Play Movies & TV app shuts down on these devices, users won’t be unlucky – Google has them covered. They will be able to access their purchased movies and TV shows through YouTube TV. Google will undoubtedly give customers plenty of warnings before they close the app.

Customers who share their content through the Family Library will be able to access their content through YouTube TV. Google says, however, that purchases made through the YouTube app will not be eligible for Family Sharing. If you want to purchase content that can be shared, you will need to purchase it from the Google Play Store.

All Google Play credits purchased by customers through Play Movies & TV are available on YouTube TV. Customers shouldn’t worry about losing their purchases or their money during this transition.

This forces you to modify another Google Play service

It seems that Google is in the process of eradicating the Google Play brand. This is indicated by the fact that it renamed Google Play Movies & TV in Google tv in September 2020. Now, with the removal of the app from Roku and smart TVs, it’s easy to believe the days of Google Play are numbered.

Android users remember that last year Google Play Music was discontinued and replaced by YouTube Music. It’s hard to say for sure, but it may be an initiative to streamline Google’s brand names.

It is not known if this will happen, as the service itself does not stop. It is only stopped on Roku and Samsung, LG and Visio smart TVs. Only time will tell if Google plans to remove the service from other platforms.

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