Google Photos sharpening and noise reduction tools rolling out

Google Photos sharpening and noise reduction tools rolling out

9to5Google reports that Google Photos Sharpen & Denoise editing tools are being rolled out in the Android app. When Google released the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G, the company also gave fans a redesigned photo editor. Now the video experience has recently been updated too. Google is not finished as it is now giving Google Photos new editing tools.

When users tap “Edit” on an image, they can navigate to Adjust. Then when users scroll to the very end of the carousel, they will see the two new editing tools. Users can find them between the Pop and Vignette tools.

You can tell them apart because they are marked with a yellow dot. This is similar to the launch of the HDR effect for Pixel and Google One subscribers. The new tools go from 0 to 100 in their range of incremental improvements.

Google Photos Sharpen & Denoise can make your photos look better

The new tools align with other image editing applications. Users can use sharpness to create a less blurry image. While using Denoise, users can remove any background grain from their photos. Just know that if you turn the tools to the maximum, the effect appears apparent and imprecise.

The upcoming Sharpen and Denoise tools on Google Photos are still rolling out for everyone. The new tools will appear in the Android app and not in the iOS app or on the web. The update is delivered through a server-side update.

One thing that is not known is whether these new tools will be locked behind a Google one subscription. For those who don’t know, Google has started making its Google One subscription a bit bigger lately. Some features are locked behind subscriptions.

On the other hand, with the unlimited Google Photos storage option, it is imperative to leave a Google One subscription for those who have a lot of photos and videos. However, a Google One subscription offers additional features. So, at the end of the day, paying for a subscription gives you more than just storage. But, if you are not interested in paying Google, Amazon and other services are available.

Google Photos acquiring new tools makes the application an all-in-one tool. After getting some improvements in video editing, the app seems to be able to meet the needs of many users. Whether users need to edit photos or videos, they have an app that does it all for them. At least as far as some basic changes are concerned.

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