Google Photos is preparing for you “material” with several changes

Google Photos is preparing for you “material” with several changes

Google Photos prepares Material You with an impressive number of edits such as bigger text in the Image Library. The search engine giant unveiled the main iteration of its design language during Google I / O last month.

Material You brings a drastically revised look and feel to various platforms developed by Google, including Android. The new design features larger header text, rounded corners, and personalization.

XDA Developers got a first look at the Android 12 beta on how the company is rethinking Android. These changes will make Android’s design more user-friendly.

Google Photos is preparing for Material You

The site also uncovered evidence that suggests Google will adopt the same design principles for Google Photos. However, this changed design will be extended to the photo sharing app in a subtle way.

Tipster @damned_im reached out to XDA developers saying they found a new design in version 5.43 of the Google Photo app. The famous leaker uploaded screenshots to the site that feature larger header text for the date.

While these screenshots look like Android 12’s new Settings app, the prognosticator was running an older Android 10 on a first-gen Pixel phone. It’s no surprise to see a redesigned app by Material You running on an older version of Android, as it’s only a new design language and not part of a new version of the. operating system.

The updated color extraction algorithm that automatically thematizes the UX of your wallpaper is the only aspect of Material You that is limited to Android 12. Older versions of the operating system still have less robust color extraction APIs.

Features of the redesigned Google Photos app

The site was able to activate the Google Photos overhaul with a bit of effort, and it found some functional changes as well. For example, when you zoom in and explore the Pictures library, the date the pictures were taken appears at the top left.

Google Photos added some new memories at the top in recent weeks. Apart from that, the app will display these memories online with the image library.

If a user creates a picture album on a certain date, that album will appear online when they explore the picture library. The Google Photos app also prepares an overflow menu.

When you press this overflow menu, a “select” button will appear. The overflow menu will display a “show on map” button if all images on a particular date were captured at a recognized location. You can click this button to access the application’s map view.

Google Photos is the first Google app to appear on a Material You overhaul. There are indications that Google Chrome will undergo a massive overhaul. However, the changes so far have been negligible.

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