Google Pay Now Supports UPI Payments Via NFC

Google Pay Now Supports UPI Payments Via NFC

Google pay Adds support for Unified Payments Interface (UPI) transactions via NFC in India. If you have a UPI account configured for Google Pay on your NFC-enabled smartphone, you can now easily and quickly make contactless payments for purchases at merchant establishments. UPI is a real-time instant payment system facilitating interbank transactions in India.

According to a Google support page, the Google Pay app opens automatically when you place your phone near an NFC compatible device, as you meet the prerequisites and your phone is unlocked. You can then enter the amount you want to transfer followed by the UPI PIN code to complete the transaction. You will be notified once your payment has been made.

Google states that only Pine Lab terminals are currently supported for UPI payments via NFC (Going through). However, we can expect more NFC terminals to be integrated in the near future.

Google Pay UPI payments become easier and faster in India

Google Pay is one of the most popular online payment apps in India, so much so that it is almost synonymous with UPI – the very platform it is based on. Formerly known as Tez, the app keeps gaining new features from time to time. In April of last year, the Indian version of Google Pay was supported for debit and credit card payments via NFC. Now, with the latest update, UPI payments have also become much easier.

Currently, to make UPI payments for purchases at merchant establishments through Google Pay, you must scan a QR code or manually enter a UPI ID. These two methods are cumbersome and require more effort. Of course, you can still use your debit or credit card to make payments via NFC through Google Pay. The app currently supports Visa credit and debit cards from Axis, SBI, Kotak, and HDFC banks. It also supports HSBC Visa credit cards.

However, if your card is not supported or you don’t want to store your card information in the app, UPI is the best solution. UPI works with all major banks in India. And with NFC support for UPI payments, things are getting a lot better. Of course, your phone must have an NFC chip for this to work. And it goes without saying that you also need to activate NFC.

It is not known if the new feature is already available nationwide or Google is just beginning the deployment. Nonetheless, Google Pay UPI payments are now much easier and faster in India, thanks to NFC support.

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