Google Maps update lets you add missing images and roads

Google Maps update lets you add missing images and roads

In an official blog post, Google announced new editing tools through which a user can help make Google Maps more informative and accurate.

Apparently, users can now add real-time live images and add missing roads to Google Maps, whenever they come across a lane or road that just doesn’t exist in the Maps app.

Google introduces a desktop road editor that users can use to report road changes or add new or missing roads to Google Maps.

According to the official blog, the Google Account brings local knowledge to over 200 million places on Google Maps. And with the newly introduced features, it will help people with more places.

You can just draw lines, rename roads, change driving directions, realign or remove incorrect roads on Google Maps to make it more accurate.

Notably, the new route editing tool is an improvement over the already existing method of reporting route changes. Currently, users can only drop a pin if they want to report a missing road, then enter the road name and submit the information to Google.

This Google Maps feature will be available over the next few months in more than 80 countries

The new route editor is one of three new features that would make it easier to share new information and find local recommendations. Missing roads can be added using the “Edit” tool in the side menu.

Allowing anyone to edit maps can be a risky task, as anyone can add wrong information. So, will check the added information carefully before posting it.

One of the three features introduced by Google Maps in the United States is a nationwide “Local Love Challenge”. This would encourage users to post reviews, photos, and updates that are useful for business.

This will make it possible to report closed businesses or update the opening / closing hours of businesses. Last but not least, Google Maps is also rolling out a new type of content in the coming weeks.

This feature will allow users to share recent photos or videos of a business without the need to post a full review. You can go to the “Updates” tab to upload images and also see photos that owners and others have shared.

Google plans to make these new features available in more than 80 countries in the coming months. For more information on this, you can go to the official website Google blog.

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