Google makes shared Drive folders more attractive

Google makes shared Drive folders more attractive

Google makes your shared Drive folders and shortcuts a little more attractive. Google Drive’s collaboration tools are ideal for editing documents, as Docs, Sheets, and Slide are mostly available for free.

Keeping track of files and folders can be a daunting task due to limited customization options outside of personal content. from Google Drive Last update has simplified the process of correctly dividing your shared content into different categories.

Users can already customize the color of the folders in “My Drive”. Now Google Drive is extending this capability to shared drives and shortcuts.

Users can now customize shared drive folder, shortcuts

Google Drive users will now be able to customize folder colors, as well as shortcuts stored in shared drives. Previously, Google limited its users in terms of customizing the colors of only folders in their personal “My Drive”.

However, with this change, users will finally be able to organize their shared content in a visually pleasing way. This small change should make a noticeable difference when it comes to keeping multiple work projects easy to navigate and organize.

Customize Google Shared Drive folders

This update was rolled out to all G Suite and Workspace users on June 3. It is also available for personal accounts. Google has adopted a plan for the gradual deployment of this functionality. It may take up to 15 days to appear on your account, depending on AndroidPolice.

Shared drives are important for teams and organizations

Shared drives are great for storing, accessing, and collaborating on files. Shortcuts point to files stored in another folder or on a different drive, allowing users to bring up content without having to create copies of files.

This new update will impact admins, end users and even developers, according to a June 3 Google. blog post. The ability to assign colors to specific folders will make it easier to organize your Google drive much easier.

For example, you can assign a specific color to your most important folders for faster navigation in Drive. It’s worth mentioning here that custom folder colors in Shortcuts, Shared Drives, and My Drive are only visible to you.

Other important points to note

This feature does not provide administrator control. To define the colors of the folders, you can use the API Drive. Additionally, this feature does not have an end user setting.

This feature is available for all Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business customers. In addition to that, it will be available for users with personal Google accounts.

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