Google is finally tackling misleading app names in the Play Store

Google is finally tackling misleading app names in the Play Store

Google finally decided to do something about misleading app names in the play store. The company has announced new policies and guidelines for Android applications. The company basically showed developers how Android apps can / should look in the Play Store.

Google wants to avoid misleading app names in the Play Store

Google obviously tries to keep things tidy and avoid misleading app listings, including misleading titles. This change is finally coming, as there are a ton of such apps in the Play Store.

The company claims that the title, icon, and name of the app developer are the “most important discoveries on your Google Play Store listing page.” Google detailed upcoming policy changes, sharing what exactly will be different.

First of all, Google limits the length of app titles to 30 characters. This is probably the most significant change, as it will prevent developers from including tons of keywords in the title, making it both too long and misleading.

Google also bans certain types of keywords

On top of that, the company bans keywords that imply store performance, promotion in icon, title, and developer’s name. The third change concerns the graphic elements. It eliminates graphical elements that can mislead users in the app icon. Check out the gallery below.

It’s quite clear that Google wants to avoid developers including any icons or text that imply store performance or rank, price, and promotional information. Thus, developers will not be able to include an app icon that says “# 1”, “free”, “sale”, etc. These are just a few examples.

Developers won’t be able to use CAPS either, unless it’s part of the brand itself. Irrelevant special characters will also not be allowed, the same goes for emoticons / emoji.

These changes will come into effect in H2 2021

Google will share many more details later this year, although it was not specified when, other than the second half of 2021. This policy change is not yet in effect, but the company wanted to announce it to in advance, so developers can prepare.

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