Google Introduces New Way to Copy Email Address to Gmail Android App

Google Introduces New Way to Copy Email Address to Gmail Android App

A new report from Android Police suggests Google is rolling out a new update that offers an easy way to copy email addresses to the Gmail Android app.

Copying email addresses to the Gmail Android app was not a seamless experience. You must either enter the recipient’s email address manually or long press the selected address to display a pop-up window with a “Copy” button.

But with the latest update, Google seems to have fixed this problem. Due to the new functionality, every time you tap the email address in the To, Cc, or Bcc field, its associated name will appear.

Moreover, it will show you a whole new set of buttons for “Copy” and “Delete”. From there, you can just hit the “Copy” button to copy the target email address and start composing a new email.

This recent change may be small but would help a lot of users, especially in the days of COVID-19 we live in. Most people work from home and email is one of the primary forms of official communication.

The new feature appears to be coming via a server-side change for the Gmail Android app.

While on the one hand, the “Copy” button copies the selected e-mail address, the “Delete” button removes the e-mail address from the field. However, note that this “Remove” option does not remove the selected email address from the other fields.

What this line above means is that if you have the email address on two fields, say To and Bcc, the “Remove” button will not remove the email address from both fields.

Other people at Android Police have pointed out that this new feature of the Gmail Android app is not available to everyone. This also indicates that it may be a change on the server side of Google.

It’s also possible that these new buttons are part of an AB test that Google is testing for the Gmail Android app with limited users.

So if your Android Gmail app isn’t showing you the new buttons, you should probably try updating the app from the Google Play Store. If that also didn’t trigger the new feature, you have to wait for the server-side update to arrive on your device.

Google recently introduced a bunch of features to make Gmail more convenient. Features like the ability to edit desktop attachments without downloading etc. are very popular with users.

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