Google Fit could soon gain a brisk walking activity and more

Google Fit could soon gain a brisk walking activity and more

Google’s health tracking platform Google fit Should soon have two more useful features: brisk walking and blood sugar monitoring. An APK teardown of the latest version of Google Fit application for Android revealed these upcoming features. People from XDA Developers Point strings of code related to these features in version 2.57.16 of the app which recently started rolling out through the Play Store.

Rhythmic walk

As its name suggests, this feature will allow you to set “a pace for your walks”. The app will play a metronome sound effect in the background to help you walk at a defined pace. “Keep up with the pace to turn walking into an easy and effective way to exercise,” the description says.

Google Fit can offer at least four different sound effects for brisk walking. Each of them has a different pace and will likely correspond to a different walking pace that a user can select in the app. The code strings reveal that activating brisk walking will not pause any other music you are listening to on your phone. Sound effects will play in the background.

Once this feature is uploaded to the Google Fit app, you will be able to select it as one of the activities. A new card on the home screen will introduce the feature to users, inviting them to try it out.

Google says that “brisk walking is an easy way to make exercise part of your day and counts towards your activity goals.” According to the company, a brisk walk typically means around 100 steps per minute. This should leave you “a little short of breath”.

Blood sugar monitoring

Google Fit may also soon add the ability to track your blood sugar. It is not known how this feature would work. But XDA speculates that users might be able to manually enter their blood sugar and keep tabs on how it changes over time. The Fitbit app also recently added a similar feature.

According to the report, the Fit API already supports the blood sugar data type, allowing apps to store a user’s blood sugar as part of their Google Account. The Google Fit app will now allow users to enter this data manually.

It is relevant to mention here that new features discovered in an APK teardown may or may not appear in a future release. But, in this case, it is highly likely that Google Fit will soon benefit from the brisk walking and blood sugar tracking features. We will keep you posted as these features are released publicly.

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