Google finally plans to correct Android 11 storage access gaps

Google finally plans to correct Android 11 storage access gaps

More apps will finally be able to better manage storage in Android 11 soon, following an email would have sent by Google. In the email, Google informs developers that they will need to let the search giant know why their application (s) are requesting extended access to storage. And that has to happen before May 5th. This will mainly apply to applications such as file managers that need wide storage access to function.

Developers who don’t respond, of course, won’t be allowed to release updates that target Android 11. And developers are targeting Android 11 a lot by November, so developers who need storage access will have to join Google. Otherwise, their apps are likely to be checked out from the Google Play Store.

Why is this important for Android 11 users and how does it affect storage access for developers?

Now the real difference here is that Google doesn’t currently allow developers to access the “Access All Files” permission. That’s the storage access permission that would be needed for apps that really need it to target Android 11 – and that’s the permission Google is talking about through its email. This permission allows apps to efficiently access all data stored on or externally on a device.

So, as stated above, deep file managers are the primary target here. And that’s probably where users will notice the new permission request in action. There are very few others applications it would need all that access. To sum up, apps that target Android 11 and request access to all files can be downloaded from the Google Play Store in May. And that seems to be the time when the declaration form required to access the authorization will go live.

All other applications will need to refine their access

The flip side, of course, is that other applications will have to fine-tune the data being accessed. And it is because Extended storage access will become a requirement for applications at the same time. This will of course be required for all Android apps from May 5, as they will need to target Android 11.

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