Google Family Link now allows apps to be used even after authorized hours of use

In a recent report by Android Police, Google has added a new feature to the Family Link app. It now allows parents to authorize the daily use of application-specific data.

Previously, the Family Link app allowed children to use phones up to the age of 13 before owning their own. Google Account. Until then, parents were in control of everything their kids did on their phones.

This allowed parents to restrict the use and limits of bedtime. It is a good app for controlling the time kids spend on mobile devices.

However, several parents wanted certain apps to be available to children regardless of how long they were used. Because in today’s world of COVID-19, some apps are needed for homework and communication.

Well, it looks like Google listened to these comments from the public. With the new functionality of Google Family Link, it now displays a always allow option for applications.

This means that there are now four options, No Limit, Always Allow, Set Limit, and Block. In particular, the applications that you define always allow will not count for children.

New Google Family Link feature lets kids use specific apps even after authorized hours of use

Comparison with the existing Without limits option, the Always allow The option allows children to use certain apps even after they have exhausted the allowed hours of use.

This feature would be useful for applications needed for homework and other learning platforms. Note that the applications defined on Always allow will not pass bedtime.

Android Police employees were unable to obtain details on when this feature started showing up on Google Family Link. But according to Wayback Machine archives, the feature may have appeared very recently.

Additionally, a screenshot of the Google help page for January also does not list any information related to this new feature.

Google needs to fix several things before this new Family Link feature can be of any use to parents. At this time, you cannot set limits for an application group. Users must therefore define always allow option one by one.

Either way, this new Google Family Link feature will be useful for parents allowing their kids to use specific apps even after hours of use.

It will also eliminate the need to constantly monitor the apps used by children. For more information on this subject, you can visit the Google support page.

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