Google Camera May Enable Pixel Time Lapse Astrophotography

Google Camera May Enable Pixel Time Lapse Astrophotography

The latest Google Camera update may allow you to take astrophotography time lapses. June Pixel Feature Drop just around the corner. Code in the Pixel Tips app suggests that Google Camera’s astrophotography may soon feature time-lapse video.

June 3, 9to5Google shared an APK Insight article on decompiling the latest version of an app that Google downloaded from the Play Store. By decompiling these files, the post finds various lines of code in this clue about future functionality.

It’s unclear if these features can even see the light of day. The site has tried to activate features that are almost complete. Google’s recently spotted Pixel Tips app upgrade hints at a new feature for the Pixel Camera app.

Google Camera Can Get Astrophotography Time Lapse

Google has started rolling out new software features on a regular basis. after the launch of the Pixel 4 series in 2018. It was called “Pixel Feature Drop”.

On Tuesday, Google released update for the Pixel Tips app. This is a common procedure before a quarterly feature deletion for Pixel phones.

A considerable number of new tips are still not available in the app after the update. However, 9To5Google’s Dylan Roussel found the code for a new tip on Google Camera.

Google Camera Astrophotography Time Lapse

The notable aspect here is “Astrotimelapse,” which alludes to the ability to capture time-lapse video coupled with the Pixel’s impressive astrophotography capabilities. According to the site, this could allow users to record the movement of stars in the sky.

It should be noted that the Pixel Tips app will check if you are using the Google Camera app version 8.2.3 before it posts details about Astrotimelapse. The latest version of the Google Camera is 8.2.2, so an update may be coming soon. The update is not confirmed as part of the June Drop feature.

Google Photos will receive a new feature

During the recent conclusion Google I / O, the company said Google Photos will receive a new feature called Folder Locked. This feature will initially be exclusive to Pixels.

Google Photos’ Folder Locked feature will allow you to keep some photos hidden from your smartphone gallery. The same Pixel Tips update included tips on the Google Photos locked folder.

Google Photos locked folder feature

This suggests that the locked folder will arrive soon. However, it’s still unclear whether the new feature will be part of the June Monday Pixel Feature Drop.

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