Google Assistant now responds with bigger text on Android

Google Assistant now responds with bigger text on Android

A new update of the Google on Android changes the look of your conversations with Google Assistant. As spotted by 9to5Google, Assistant text responses are now more readable, thanks to larger fonts.

Google Assistant Usually responds with text, maps, or web results for our queries. It uses a bubble-like user interface for conversations, which isn’t much different from a conversation thread on a messaging app. However, that is changing with the latest update to the Google app.

For text responses, Google Assistant no longer uses this speech bubble UI. Instead, it’s plain text in larger, bold fonts. This makes the response easier to read, which is especially useful for people who prefer to read rather than hear Assistant or who are hard of hearing. In addition, the screen also highlights the current conversation. Old answers are minimized and greyed out. These changes not only improve readability, but also make the wizard interface cleaner.

Unfortunately, Google apparently didn’t apply this change in Assistant. Responses that involve maps, like weather or smart device control, always have smaller fonts. The font size is also unchanged for web results. Hopefully Google will make the updated UI consistent across the Assistant soon. For now, it only appears when doing casual conversations with Google Assistant, such as commands like “tell me a joke” or random questions like “how tall is the Eiffel Tower? “

Google Assistant gets a UI change on Android

Google regularly makes changes to the Assistant, improving the overall user experience. Over the years, he has acquired the ability to read web pages, carry on conversations, respond silently and much more. He may soon acquire the ability to turn off your Android smartphone as well as.

Last year, Google said that more than 500 million people use Google Assistant in their daily lives. The company now makes it easier for them to read the assistant’s responses with the latest UI change.

The revamped Assistant user interface is being rolled out with the latest version of the Google app on Android. It started appearing to some users earlier this week and is gradually making its way into more devices. If you don’t already see the new Google Assistant UI on your Android smartphone, you might want to check for an update for the Google app on the Play at the store. If no update is available, don’t worry. He will appear soon.

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