Google adds Meet & Chat to Chromebook pre-install lineup

Google adds Meet & Chat to Chromebook pre-install lineup

New Chromebook buyers will soon have a few new pre-install apps, according to reports, with the addition of Google meet and Google Chat.

It is based on reports highlighting the work Google is undertaking to add both Meet and Discuss to Chromebook devices. More specifically, by adding these out of the box so that users can jump in directly and use them from the first start.

How do we know that Google Meet and Chat will be a pre-install?

Now, the two apps in question, at this point, require very little introduction. In short, these are Google’s web-based chat and video calling platforms. But these applications are not the most used to date either.

With Google Meet and Chat available in pre-installation on the Chromebook platform, applications will receive a lot of free advertising. At least for those who buy a new Chromebook after its launch. Although they will likely land on older devices also via an update.

In addition, those who use the apps will no longer need to find and install them. And, since PWAs use less storage, it will be without sacrificing the often low storage allocation of these Chromebooks.

In the meantime, adding the two apps as PWAs was initially spotted in a merged commit in Chromium code. Hidden behind the feature indicators, the code also comes with an expected release date. So, barring any unforeseen problems, the company already knows when it wants to add these two applications.

So when are they coming?

As stated by the source, once the new apps are added as a pre-install, the easiest way to get them on an old Chromebook will be to perform a powerwash. This is after the update arrives and if Google isn’t automatically adding features to older Chromebooks as part of the update. But they should be coming to new Chromebooks out of the box. Specifically, this is after Chrome OS 92 is launched. Chrome 92 is expected to arrive on July 27.

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