Golf Equipment Manufacturers Seek To Buy More Factories To Meet Demand

The golf industry is seeing increased demand during the pandemic, with the PGA Tour Superstore reporting a 55% increase in overall sales since the start of the year compared to 2019.

Demand is so high that suppliers are struggling to keep up, Dick Sullivan, CEO of PGA Tour Superstore, told CNBC’s “The exchange” Friday.

“We hear that factories are buying additional factories overseas to meet this incredible demand,” Sullivan said.

“The demand has been unprecedented,” he said – and unexpected.

“There is no factory in the world that has predicted this kind of growth,” Sullivan said.

“In many cases the assumptions were that once we were vaccinated, once people could go back inside, fewer people would be outside, and we don’t see it,” he said. -he declares. “We continue to see that people want to be outside.”

PGA Tour Superstore also faces the same supply chain challenges as others in the retail industry, with Congested ports, container shortages and Covid-19 outbreaks slowing shipments.

“We’re not immune to what we see everywhere in all industries, but we work with all of our suppliers, and, you know, what was maybe just a few days down unfortunately turns into weeks “, Sullivan said. “But I was in California this week working with vendors to see how we can speed up the turnaround time to make sure we meet that demand.”

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