Glu Mobile is now officially part of the electronic arts

Glu Mobile is now officially part of the electronic arts

In February, Electronic Arts, otherwise known as EA for the most part, announced that it would be purchase Glu Mobile. Today, this acquisition is now complete and the Glu Mobile portfolio is now part of Electronic Arts.

For EA, that means a wider range of mobile titles to their credit. Glu is the studio behind successful mobile games like Kim Kardashian Hollywood and MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021. Among others. EA is preparing to release the mobile version of its hugely popular battle royale title, Apex Legends.

With games like Apex Legends Mobile Along the way, and Glu’s already popular big hits, EA will have a huge distribution of titles to offer mobile users. Both for more hardcore gamers and casual gamers.

All 800 Glu Mobile employees will join Electronic Arts

It’s not just Glu Mobile’s wallet joining EA. Its more than 800 employees are also brought to the sheepfold. Which means they will now be working at EA for existing and future mobile titles.

EA does not mention any new games resulting from this acquisition. But rest assured, there will certainly be new titles from both companies combined. According to Jeff Karp of EA Mobile, EA is committed to creating new player-focused mobile titles while evolving the brand to reach more types of gamers.

Just like with its own game titles, it seeks to reach a much larger number of people. Like not everyone likes to play the same types of games. The acquisition of Glu Mobile allows EA to reach this larger audience.

EA is eager to “compare ratings”

As mentioned, EA has nothing major to share when it comes to acquiring Glu when it comes to new game releases. However, he is eager to compare his grades with the Glu Mobile teams and see what he can come up with.

EA says he is also excited to share what the two studios are capable of creating. Although all creations are sure to be far away. EA says that with Glu now under its umbrella, the two will create great new mobile experiences for gamers.

So it looks like EA is really trying to hype the acquisition here. If you are a casual gamer and prefer the types of games that Glu makes, you can probably expect some exciting things to happen in the future. Especially now that the studio has money from EA to support them.

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