Gigabyte unveils three 4K gaming monitors with HDMI 2.1

Gigabyte unveils three 4K gaming monitors with HDMI 2.1

Gigabyte this week unveiled a trio of new gaming monitors with 4K panels. The three monitors come in different sizes and are also equipped with next-generation features. Like HDMI 2.1, making it a great pairing for next-gen PCs and consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The three monitors released are the FI32U, the FV43U and the FO48U. As indicated by the model numbers, the monitors are available in 32 inch, 43 inch, and 48 inch sizes. With the 48-inch model that can integrate perfectly with your home entertainment center and your new console.

In addition to HDMI 2.1, two of the monitors (the FI32U and the FV43U) have a refresh rate of 144Hz. Meanwhile, the third (the FO48U) has a refresh rate of 120Hz. Gigabyte claims these monitors are “The best for games”. Equipped with features such as a response time of 1 ms on the 43 inch and 48 inch models, or a response time of 0.5 ms on the 32 inch model.

Gigabyte gaming monitors don’t yet have a price tag

Gigabyte is keen on announce just about everything about these new monitors that anyone interested could want. Save for the price.

While the 42-inch model may be somewhat reasonable, the 43-inch, and even more so the 48-inch, could be quite expensive. Other large gaming monitors that are more like televisions, such as the large format gaming screens of Acer, LG, and ASUS start at around $ 1,500. So it’s likely that Gigabyte will cost them around the same amount.

While the company has yet to officially announce its pricing, there is still the possibility that it could create a big surprise and feature more affordable price tags. Gigabyte has yet to announce availability. So those who are interested in choosing one will either have to wait or look elsewhere.

Unique features to give you a “tactical” advantage

Gigabyte doesn’t really say exactly what these unique features do, but it felt the need to mention them. It is therefore evident that there is at least Something for them who are worth it.

These features include things like the black equalizer and other “various game assist functions” that are not really self-explanatory. As well as things like ANC 2.0, a sight stabilizer, and a dashboard. Gigabyte says these things will help take your gameplay to new heights.

The extent to which they improve your gameplay really depends on how you might use them. That’s if they make a big difference in the first place.

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