Get ready for PlayStation Plus to include movies

Get ready for PlayStation Plus to include movies

Playstation plus subscribers have access to a new part of the subscription service called PlayStation Plus Video Pass. Although at the moment it only seems like a small test. And not something Sony is rolling out to all subscribers.

Spotted by Video games chronicle, the PlayStation plus Video Pass seems to have popped up today for just one region of users. Subscribers in Poland. Details on the new feature for PS Plus were briefly posted on Sony’s official Polish website. In addition to some pictures.

It’s unclear if Sony is doing this as a one-time regional test or if it plans to roll it out to all subscribers in the future. But it really looks like something all users could support.

The PlayStation Plus Video Pass is a trial service

PlayStation Plus Video Pass 2

Besides being limited to Poland, the video pass is also a trial service. The one Sony is offering for a limited time. Although limited, it sounds like an inaccurate description due to the length of time subscribers in Poland will have access.

Based on the description before it is collected, the Video Pass will be available for a full year. Sony notes that subscribers in Poland will have access to the PlayStation Plus Video Pass as a benefit for a limited time. And it will be active from April 22, 2021 to April 22, 2022.

Why Sony has been piloting the service for so long is also unclear. But access to the video pass is available at no additional cost. So, subscribers don’t have to do anything other than to enjoy the content.

Users can apparently watch movies for free

PlayStation Plus Video Pass 1

Based on the image and the fact that it’s part of PlayStation Plus, it looks like users can access and watch movies for free. It appears to be a substitute for Pick up of all video content from PlayStation Store on August 31 of this year.

It also appears that the free video content will be films produced by Sony Pictures. Which would explain why the company could offer them for free. Although it is likely that this could also include TV shows. Sony could also end up making deals with other studios if the video pass stays true.

It should be noted that while the trial is available for a year in Poland, that does not mean that other regions will not have access before the end of this year. Sony could still activate it globally long before that.

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