Get new colorful and truly interactive wallpapers with SwirlWalls

Smartphone wallpapers aim to personalize the aesthetic, but those who also want interactivity may want to check out SwirlWalls: UHD Interactive Wallpaper. The new application, would have conceived by Action launcher Chris Lacy, offers more than 140 personalized wallpapers on the theme of swirls. Each with its own color, from bright colors to deep black hues. But they go far beyond adding a touch of your favorite colors.

Here are the strengths of SwirlWalls apart from similar applications

All of Swirl of SwirlWalls’ wallpaper styles are, for starters, available in 10 or more “remixes”. These offer deeper customization of active wallpapers. Users can first select the wallpaper they like and then the color scheme that suits them best. And that includes full support for dark themes, with each wallpaper offering multiple “dark remixes” with automatic switching. Switching, of course, is based on selecting system-level dark or light mode in Settings.

Best of all, each of SwirlWalls’ wallpapers is animated and interactive, as the brand suggests. Namely, they can be caused to whirl and spin depending on gestural interactions. In effect, match the interactions of the modern user interface with a wallpaper that responds to those interactions.

These gestures and SwirlWalls’ response are configurable. And users can even configure things to change wallpapers on certain gestures. Or set a gesture to work on the lock screen.

It all adds up to app settings to change wallpapers from gradation, status bar tint and navigation bar theme to rotation speed setting etc. And, with the FlickFX feature, users can even interact with the device’s movement gestures, for example, by flicking the phone in a left or right direction.

Last but not least, SwirlWalls uses dynamic render speeds. Thus, it will match the refresh rate of a phone to ensure the best possible quality for a given device.

This one isn’t free but it shouldn’t be a problem

Now SwirlWalls currently costs $ 4.99 to purchase but as stated by the developer and as with all paid applications, users can still request a refund if they don’t like it. And, perhaps as importantly, there are no subscriptions, ads, or in-app purchases to worry about either.

SwirlWalls: UHD interactive wallpapers

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