Galaxy Labs app gets two new modules with latest update

Samsung’s Galaxy Labs app is a suite of device optimization tools for Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Launched in October 2019, the app is now undergoing a major update, adding two new modules to its collection.

The version 2.0 update of the Galaxy Labs app, which is now available on the Galaxy Store, introduces a Keeper of memory and one Thermal guard. The first is a RAM management tool that lets you see how your phone’s memory is divided by the system. You can see which apps are running and how much RAM they are consuming. You can also clear apps from memory.

Samsung devices aren’t the worst when it comes to RAM management, possibly because they don’t run apps in the background for a long time. The team behind the DontKillMyApp website has placed the Korean manufacturer at top of a graph which lists OEMs based on how aggressively they kill background apps. Still, it’s nice to see how the system allocates RAM to different tasks. Keeper of memory The module also provides a graph of historical RAM usage by different cached applications and processes.

Thermal guard, on the other hand, is a tool that will prevent your phone from overheating. It has a thermal threshold slider which allows you to adjust the temperature at which your phone starts to slow performance. If you drag the slider to the far left, the phone would start to choke two degrees before it usually does. “Conversely, dragging it to the right will increase this threshold by two degrees”, Android Police written.

Samsung’s Galaxy Labs app gets a major update

Samsung offers a number of utility features for its Galaxy devices, either built into the system or through separate apps. Good Lock and Galaxy Labs are some of the most popular utility apps offered by Samsung. While Good Lock receives updates on a fairly regular basis, Galaxy Labs hasn’t received the same treatment from the company. Now, more than a year after its launch, the device optimization app is getting a major update. Along with the two new modules, this update also brings improvements to existing tools.

Battery tracker has a minor visual refresh as well as a new feature. Just like the 24 hour graph, the 7 day graph also shows the time on your screen. Battery Guardian now allows you to enable screen power saving for each app. The screen will darken quickly when you are not using the phone to save power. A bedtime power saving feature limits background activity and CPU usage while you sleep improve battery life.

The latest update for Galaxy Labs, however, is out of date File Guardian, a tool that allows you to restore deleted files from your phone. Considering that most Samsung apps already have a recycle bin built into the system, this is an understandable decision.

The Galaxy Labs app is device specific and is only available in certain regions. If you live in one of these regions and have a compatible device, the latest update should be available now on the Galaxy Store.

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