Floyd Mayweather’s Record: Would a Long-Term Logan Paul Earn an Undefeated Legacy?

Floyd Mayweather’s Record: Would a Long-Term Logan Paul Earn an Undefeated Legacy?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. will return to a boxing ring for the first time in just over two years when he takes on YouTuber Logan Paul in a eight-round special exhibition match on June 6 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

It’s a fight no one has necessarily asked that pits one of the greatest practitioners of soft science against an opponent who lost their only pro fight against another YouTuber. It’s more of a show than anything else, because the very optics suggest that this is a grab of money that will attack our curiosity more than our interest in seeing a fair fight. But now that we’ve got past the exaggerated antics and a stolen hat, there’s still a fight that needs to take place where real punches will be traded.

While the vast majority of people rightly believe that Paul doesn’t stand a chance, what if he is able to shock the world and cause massive upheaval in a fight billed as “bragging rights?” ? Yes, that sounds absurd, but Paul has a distinct size advantage over Mayweather. He is also 18 years younger at 26, while Mayweather will enter the ring at the age of 44. Stranger things have happened. Muhammad Ali and Japanese professional wrestling legend Antonio Inoki fought to a draw in their Special Rules bout 45 years ago.

AFTER: What’s the handbag in the Mayweather vs. Paul fight?

What is Floyd Mayweather’s boxing record?

Floyd Mayweather was a perfect 50-0 in pro fights. His last professional fight was in 2017, when he beat Conor McGregor.

Would losing to Paul ruin Mayweather’s undefeated record?


This is a simple answer given that this is an exhibition fight that will have no impact on the professional record of either fighter. Like Mike Tyson and Roy Jones’ fight in December, it went under special rules with no winner being officially announced. Even if Paul pulls off the unthinkable and catches Mayweather with a punch that puts the greatest defensive boxer of our generation to the ground, that won’t put a stain on the pristine record of the man who dubbed himself “Silver.” .

As for Paul, he will still be 0-1 even with a surprise knockout, but would have “bragging rights” that would have a profound effect on the entire boxing industry.

Everything, that is, except Mayweather’s record.

What does it mean if Paul beats Mayweather?

Simply put, the sport of boxing would have a massive stain that would take forever to clean up. It’s not Tyson-Jones or even Ali-Inoki. He is an undeniably tall boxer whose greatness has been inextricably linked to his undefeated record. With a litany of Hall of Fame boxers and former World Champions tasting defeat to Mayweather, can you imagine how upsetting it would be for a professional troll to beat the self-proclaimed “TBE?” This is most certainly irreparable damage. Not only to Mayweather, but to the sport of boxing. It would be opening the doors wide to other non-boxers to challenge the professionals in the most disrespectful way possible because “if Logan Paul could do it, why not me?”

It would absolutely ruin Mayweather’s legacy. But what about his bank account? That would be good.

What does it mean if Mayweather beats Paul?


It’s planned.

Honestly, this just opens the door for Mayweather to challenge Logan’s younger brother Jake, who is a better boxer and got under Mayweather’s skin for stealing his hat.

And there is a lot of money in this fight. A lot. Floyd Mayweather isn’t going to waste another bag of money playing with Logan Paul.

There are bigger fish to whip.

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