Facebook wants your News Feed experience to be a little less negative

Facebook wants your News Feed experience to be a little less negative

Facebook is looking to make changes to its news feed to give users a less “negative” experience. It is based on reports detailing the social media giant’s plans over the next few months.

The biggest change is one that focuses on a point of contention for Facebook’s news feed over the past few years. It’s politics, with the most recent movements following previously announced changes. So in summary, the company plans to cut back on political posts displayed in the News Feed.

Facebook now says it will achieve this by asking users directly for feedback to see if politics or other types of Newsfeed posts lead to a negative experience. With the ultimate goal of finding out what causes a less than ideal user experience with this feature. The company will also ask if the content is “inspirational”.

Finally, the company plans to survey users more widely on their favorite topics in order to revamp the news feed.

There is more than polls

This change, of course, is in addition to a general desire to reduce the amount of political content, to begin with.

To that end, Facebook plans to test a new “X” icon on News Feed posts. This will, as one can probably assume from the icon itself, to close and hide the posts in question.

This is as opposed to the current method of hiding posts, hidden under the three dot overflow menu on a given post in the app. Indeed, bring the method to hide messages in the front and center, rather than hiding it.

When will your Facebook News Feed experience improve?

Now, the company will be conducting this survey, as noted above, over the next few months. This means that it will likely take at least a few months before any changes are implemented to improve the Newsfeed. Although this is not a guaranteed timeframe either.

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