Facebook testing a video dating app called Sparked

Facebook testing a video dating app called Sparked

Singles, get ready. According to a new report from The edge, Facebook is testing a new video dating app called Sparked. You just need a Facebook profile to use the app which is developed by the company’s NPE team.

The NPE team is the Facebook group that works on the development of experimental applications. Sparked allows the user to go on a four minute video date.

According to the official Sparked website, the app is described as a “video meeting with nice people”. Additionally, the app promises that you won’t find features of regular dating apps like public profiles, swipe left or right, DMs, etc.

The app will be free and will scroll people through quick video dates. And as already mentioned, you have four minutes to woo the other person.

However, the website doesn’t mention anything about how many video dates a person will participate in per event. The app says that if “the two of you are having a good time,” the daters will have an extra 10 minutes for a second date.

The good thing about this platform is that four minutes is a lot of time for someone to exchange phone numbers, Instagram IDs, Facebook profiles, etc. to get in touch later if time is of the essence.

When registering, users are asked what makes this a nice date

Since “cuteness” is the main essence of this app, when registering, the user is asked what makes them a nice date. But don’t stuff yourself with gibberish and think you’re good to go.

Answers you enter for questions will be “Human Reviewed by Sparked”. And based on that, you will then be assessed as to whether or not you can go for quick dates.

In addition, users will be prompted to choose who they want to date, that is, men, women, or non-binary people. Besides, it will also ask you if you are also open to transgender people.

It is not known how the daters connect to each other, as there is no live Sparked app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It is only available on the browser, as of now.

Sparked will be the second home dating app from Facebook. There is already a Facebook dating app running from the Facebook app. It was launched in 2019 in the United States.

Now the app is available in more countries, including the UK. The functionality of the app is similar to other dating apps. You can view a public profile of potential correspondence, send a like, connect, and start a conversation.

In particular, it will be interesting to see how the Sparked application takes off. Because none of the applications developed by the NPE team saw the light of day.

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