Facebook makes currency changes and tests stickers like story ads

Facebook makes currency changes and tests stickers like story ads

Facebook is testing a way to allow creators using its Stories feature to earn money through ads designed to look like stickers. The new tool would have be open to a wide range of users, but certainly not to all.

The stickers are, at the time of writing, still in the initial testing stages. Additionally, it is being conducted on a scale that Facebook describes as “very small”. In fact, he’s not even able to share partners at this point. And this concerns both advertising partners and creators. But, generally speaking, the concept aims to give advertisers a more natural place to tailor content to viewers.

An example of how this might work was provided at source by Facebook’s chief product officer Yoav Arnstein. The manager says, for example, a video from Yosemite National Park might feature a sticker advertising local businesses in the area. With the primary objective of ensuring contextual relevance.

Details on the aesthetics of Facebook ads as stickers are effectively non-existent

Now, Facebook hasn’t detailed exactly how the stickers will appear online or in its. app. Or details of exactly how testers are chosen, not to mention details of when the program might be scaled up. This is if it ends up working at all. But it introduced several other key changes to how InStream ads for short videos work.

For starters, videos under three minutes can now be monetized with ads. For a one-minute video, the ads will be placed halfway through. Additionally, videos longer than three minutes may have ads added as early as 45 seconds after the video starts.

Of course, that comes with its own caveats. To be eligible for these ads, a given page must have a total of more than 600,000 minutes of content viewed from video uploads. This includes on-demand, live and previously live content. All this time must have been in the previous 60 days. At least five uploads of active video or live video are also required. And the creators of live video need 60,000 live minutes watched in the previous 60 days to monetize.

Facebook is expanding its reach here too

There are other changes coming for Facebook on the monetary front as well. All this aside from the Facebook ads as stickers and on top of developing the videos that can be monetized. For example, the company revealed that it was spending $ 7 million to promote its Stars functionality.

For starters, Facebook is expanding paid live events to no less than 24 additional countries. He also doesn’t plan to collect any income from that, at least until August. The same goes for its expansion of fan subscriptions to 10 additional countries. What separates Facebook, even if only for a while, from some other platforms. And this change should, at the very least, help the company to maintain its position as best social network.

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