Exclusive read on Kotlin with tips for hiring dedicated developers

Exclusive read on Kotlin with tips for hiring dedicated developers

Trends are constantly changing in the field of information and technology. This is not surprising, given that technology, just like the wants and demands of end users, is changing rapidly. One of the most recent notable changes is the explosion in Kotlin development. With the rapid growth of Kotlin, there is also a proportional demand to hire dedicated developers.

Before we start exploring smart tips for hiring dedicated Kotlin developers, we’ll first see what Kotlin is? And why you should prefer Kotlin for your further Android development.

According to a stack overflow survey report, Kotlin was among the top four languages ​​in 2019. Google revealed in May 2019 that Kotlin had been selected as a popular language for Android app developers. As mentioned in the ad, the main advantage of preferring Kotlin and hiring Kotlin programmers is its brevity: yes, Kotlin needs less coding – both in terms of typing, checking, and maintenance.

Among the four preferred languages ​​(source)

So, first of all, what is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and Android programming language that integrates object-oriented and functional programming features. It mainly concerns interoperability, security, transparency and tool support. When you hire a dedicated development team, it allows you to tackle challenges with the greatest ease and pace.

Why prefer Kotlin to others?

There are three main reasons to prefer Kotlin over java and other languages ​​and to hire dedicated developers.

1. Opting for Kotlin minimizes coding effort

Kotlin is renowned for its compactness and brevity. When you spend less time coding, you get a better time to market. In general, the production phase becomes more efficient, costs go down, and developers gain more artistic freedom.

Compared to Java, Kotlin development will result in a 40% reduction in the number of lines of code. Allows simple and reliable code modification.

2. Kotlin is definitely safer

It protects against typical programming errors such as implementation failures and device failures. Certain types of errors are more likely to occur in java. Create more stable code using this. So when you hire dedicated Kotlin developers – there comes security.

3. It is an open-source language

Kotlin has been an open-source framework since 2012, and it’s constantly updated. On March 3, 2020, the language reached its secure version. When you hire Kotlin developers, they can count on the Kotlin community, which is definitely a bonus.

Smart tips for hiring Kotlin developers

To build custom, user-friendly apps on this framework, you need to hire a dedicated development team with comprehensive experience and skills. Follow these fantastic tips for hiring Kotlin programmers.

1. Check previous projects before hiring dedicated Kotlin developers

The analysis of the latest work of developers allows to better understand their methodology and the nature of their software.

When hiring Kotlin programmers, check the features of the developer’s app, visual design, and turnaround time. This helps to determine whether the creator qualifies or not. Additionally, you can search app stores for reviews and suggestions about the developer’s app.

2. Ask for customer feedback

When you are in the process of hiring a dedicated development team, there are several factors to consider that cannot be determined just by looking at the past work of the developers.

Also, you can understand how the developers deal with the customer after receiving the project, how well they interact, and how they troubleshoot issues. Contacting former developer customers will shed some light on this. One can learn about the former customers of the developers and communicate with them to obtain the answers to specific queries.

3. Check the cost

Cost is an important factor in the growth of mobile applications. This is a concern for almost everyone in any business. Are you paying the correct amount? Cost is a factor that can differ significantly when hiring dedicated developers from a top-notch agency.

4. The main concern should be quality.

When you hire dedicated Kotlin developers, you can put quality first. Many developers on the market; ensure that they maintain a high level of quality during their production phase. Review the developer’s previous work for the application flow; this may indicate the overall consistency of the application.

5. Don’t forget to inquire about post-development

Before handing over the project to the developers, you can also discuss post-development activities such as code submission, application verification, and bug fixing. Confirm it in writing to make sure the creators don’t opt ​​out later.

What advantages do you get?

There are various benefits when you hire dedicated developers, especially at iCoderz. The benefits that your idea will become the next big trend in the world are mentioned here.

  • Effective communication
  • Secure development
  • Agile methodology
  • Sound test (bug-free and error-free development)
  • Support and maintenance.
  • Regular updates


The path to hiring dedicated developers for Kotlin based apps is essential for getting a flawless app. Any mistake made during this operation can reduce the productivity of an application and lead to unnecessary waste of time and money.

Suppose you are planning to design an Android app. In this case, it’s a great opportunity to spark your imagination and harness the skills of our Kotlin developers to create creative Android apps that overcome the limitations of the programming language. Contact us at sales@icoderzsolutions.com, and you can hire dedicated Kotlin developers on a project, daily / hourly, or monthly basis.

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