Enjoy the beauty of the sky with awesome apps for astronomy

Enjoy the beauty of the sky with awesome apps for astronomy

Intuitive yet powerful, Lumos accurately predicts the position of the sun and moon anytime, anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re planning a photoshoot, wedding, or solar panel installation, tracking the sun and moon has never been easier!

Lumos is divided into six main modules:

• Augmented Reality View harnesses the power of AR to visually project past, present, or future positions of the sun and moon (and moon phases!) Onto your surroundings, allowing you to perfectly visualize your plans.

• Map view superimposes the positions of the sun and moon for a given time and location on a map of that location, allowing you to make plans from afar.

• Street View mode works like AR view, but takes advantage of Google Street View to let you view sun and moon positions for remote locations (requires Lumos Pro).

• Calendar view displays a simple list of rise / set times and moon phases throughout the year, giving you the overview at a glance. Tap a line to see the detailed ephemeris for that day.

• The notifications module allows you to sign up to receive notifications of important solar and lunar events including: astronomical, nautical and civil dawn / dusk, blue hour, golden hour, sunrise / sunset, solar noon, sunrise / moonset, lunar transit, and perigee / lunar apogee (requires Lumos Pro).

• The shadow length view calculates the exact length of shadow that an object will cast at a given time and day, allowing you to see the result both visually and numerically. You can also calculate the height of an object if you know the length of its shadow.

With a one-time, affordable purchase of Lumos Pro, you can also:

• Search for a location by name or manually enter coordinates

• Save locations for later reference or offline use *

• Take notes on a saved location and make them easily accessible the next time you view it

* Map View and Street View currently do not support offline use

NOTE: The positions of the sun and moon calculated by Lumos are accurate to a small fraction of a degree. However, as with any augmented reality application, the accuracy of the projection depends on the underlying hardware. If you see any inaccurate positions, please calibrate your device’s compass and make sure you are away from any source of electromagnetic interference (e.g. microwaves, computers, car motors, high voltage lines ). Phone cases containing batteries are known to interfere with the compass. You can also use the visual calibration tool to align the projection with the current position of the sun. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you continue to have problems.


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