Ecological applications

Ecological applications

Understand your energy consumption and costs with the Direct Energy app!

The Direct Energy app is your trusted tool on the go that can help you buy less than what we sell. And who doesn’t want to save on energy costs? It’s time for you to understand your energy bill and see how you can reduce your consumption and save money. The Direct Energy app makes it easy to manage your account and your energy consumption at your fingertips! You’ll be able to monitor your daily energy use (and what that means in dollars and cents), which devices are using the most power, and more. Plus, you can pay your bill, renew or transfer your service, sign up for rewards, and update your account settings from your smartphone or tablet!


1. Download the app. It’s free!
2. Log in with the same username and password as your Direct Energy Online account manager.
3. Once you are logged in, start exploring all the app has to offer.


• PAY YOUR BILL: Automatically set up bill payments from your credit card, bank debit or bank account. Or pay directly through the app!

• MONITOR ENERGY USE: With the Direct Your Energy usage analysis tool, you can analyze your energy use to make informed decisions that can help you use less energy. Compare your current consumption with that of the previous days, weeks and / or year to see how the energy is being used in your home. Visualize a breakdown of the impact of your products and household appliances on your electricity bill. Other features include weather forecast-based bill estimates, a usage comparison with similar homes in your area, and a home profile to help you improve your energy efficiency. [Texas Smart Meter Customers]

• RENEW YOUR SERVICE: Do you like direct energy, but your current contract is about to expire? With the app you can easily renew your service! We’ll provide you with a range of plans and rates available for your home, and you can choose the one that’s right for you.

• TRANSFER YOUR SERVICE: Are you moving to a new home? Want to bring Direct Energy with you? With the app, you can easily set the check-in and check-out dates from your smartphone or table. [Available only to Texas customers]

• SPECIAL OFFERS: The App will give you access to sign up for great products and new offers. You can also sign up for the great Plenti Rewards program, which allows you to earn points in one place and use them in another.

• CONTROL YOUR THERMOSTAT: Do you have a Nest Learning Thermostat in your home? The app lets you control your thermostat and access all of your Nest data anywhere, anytime.

• STAY CONNECTED: We love to stay in touch with our friends, so the Direct Energy app lets you connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, our blog, and more. This way you will never miss the great tips, tricks, links and fun tips that we share every day.

• CONTACT US: The Direct Energy app puts you in direct contact with our friendly customer service representatives by phone or email. We know you have questions, so we want you to get the answers you deserve.

For more information on the Direct Energy mobile app, please visit us online at

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