Draw it! Is a great route planner app for Android

Draw it!  Is a great route planner app for Android

The Google Play Store is full of extremely useful features applications that you may not know. Draw it! the app is certainly one of them. This is a route planner app, and it’s really good at what it does.

Now, many people do not need to plan routes. If you do, however, this is the app that might interest you. It comes with an easy to use minimalist user interface and the app generally performs very well.

Draw it! is a great app to have for hiking, cycling etc.

If you often hike, or maybe cycle, this is a good thing to have. Simply open the map, find the desired location, and draw a route on the map by swiping your finger over it.

By doing this, the app will tell you the exact distance between point A and point B. This way you can plan the exact distance you need. If you want to hike 10 miles fine, if you want to go 20 miles that’s fine too.

You can even import GPX files and edit them as you like, if that’s a feature you need. You can also export your created routes in GPX format, to share them if you need to.

“VIP” membership adds additional features and removes advertisements

The application offers additional features as part of a “VIP” subscription. For example, if you want to choose between Google Maps and OpenStreetMaps, you will need to get it. Google Maps is set by default.

Also, part of the premium subscription includes themes, templates, road width customizations, etc. There are many options in this subscription, and it might be a good idea to grab them if you plan to use this app frequently. Especially since the ads are part of the free model.

You do get a distance marker, distance perimeter, and 3D construction switches in the free version, however. So if that’s enough for you and you don’t mind the ads, that’s perfectly fine. If you want to try this app, click the link / button below.

Download Just Draw It! (Google Play Store)

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