Don’t miss your chance to grab Battlefield 4 for free

Don’t miss your chance to grab Battlefield 4 for free

Battlefield 4 is a hell of a game, and if you’ve never played it before, you can catch it for free thanks to Top notch game.

First day is just around the corner and it’s going to bring a ton of great deals on stuff on Amazon. But it will also bring a really good deal to gamers who love FPS titles. If you’re not familiar with Prime Gaming, it used to be called Twitch Prime after Amazon bought Twitch.

Every month, Prime Gaming offers and releases a new set of deals on games and in-game items. And sometimes there’s a big game drop. However, generally the full games that you grab for free aren’t big AAA titles. These are mostly indie or older games.

Battlefield 4 is available for free on Prime Gaming starting June 1

While not the most recent game in the series, Battlefield 4 is still one of the best games. Normally it costs $ 19.99 if you pick it up from the Origin store. But for the next few weeks, it will cost you nothing more than a little bit of your time to download and install it.

Since this deal goes through Prime Gaming, you must be an Amazon Prime member to claim the game for free. If you are not an Amazon Prime member, you can sign up via this link.

It’s also worth noting that the code you get from this offer is for Origin. Which means you’ll need to download the Origin Store game client to your PC if you haven’t already installed it. If you do, just enter the code when you go to redeem a code in the Origin client and you will be able to download it immediately.

As well as picking up Battlefield 4 for free, you can also claim a ton of in-game items through Prime Gaming right now. For example, Destiny 2 still makes monthly loot that you can claim. You have until June 20 to claim battlefield 4.

After that, the price via Origin will revert to the normal price of $ 19.99.

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